Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Colour Week ~ Brown

Tuesday's colour is brown. I was almost stumped by this. I thought I didn't have any brown at all. In fact for most of the day the only thing I could come up with was my eyes! Then I realized that I do have a few things, and a few things that really mean something in our home. (They must because they probably wouldn't have made it in on colour alone, lol).

On the middle to the right is the first piece of furniture I ever fell in love with. I loved it so much when I was a little girl that I offered to dust it regularly! And at some tender age I ever so tactlessly asked my Mom if she would leave it to me. Luckily my mom is understanding, and when she found she didn't have room for it, it made it's way to me. Yay! I enjoy it daily.

On the middle left is the upholstery material of a stool that goes with a vanity I inherited from my grandma on my Dad's side. I use the vanity as a desk and sit on this particular stool whenever I do my coaching. One day I'd like to get it reupholstered in something lush and decadent.

In the centre, top and bottom, is my husband's favourite painting. It literally stopped him in the street and begged him to come in and take it home. It sits in the den above his desk.

The wood on the left is our floor and on the right our new cutting board. I'm so glad I took that picture of the cutting board because I quite love the colour of it. Who knew that when I bought that it would not only be an important part of cooking dinner but would also appear on my blog?


Shannon said...

Great take on brown!! Who knew it was there so much!! Well I guess brown did. I love the pics, amazing how variety and similiar they are (mostly warm, but not all, pair of funtional, pair of decorate) I love the pic of you in the middle - that one is my fave :)

Felicity said...

gotta say, I love brown so much. technically my favorite color is orange but I can't wear it all the time so I wear a lot of brown. I find it to be a very earthy, soothing, sensual color. I like the way you put this together.

Sacred Suzie said...

This is fantastic Jamie! I love the description of all the elements of brown and it's wonderful to see that cabinet which brings back memories. I think I dusted it too! It's such a warm collage and yes, my favourite is the center-piece too! Love those big brown eyes.

Excellent post!

megg said...

hi there!! I'm so sorry it's been so long since I commented, but I have just spent a wonderful few minutes reading through some of your recent posts - OH JAMIE!! What wonderful posts they have been! I loved the colour ones - you look gorgeous and I LOVE white flowers too (who am I kidding - I love ALL FLOWERS!) and I loved LOVED the post about taking up space. I feel that way so much. I am NOT at home in my body in the slightest & I think it is because I am not comfortable with the space I inhabit. I LOVEd this post - I am going to back and read it again and again and again!!!