Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ABCs of Me Meme

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My sister Suzie tagged me on this one. Feel free to grab it and run with it if you haven't done it yet.

The A
BC's of me....

Accent: I don't think I have one, but does anyone? I remember moving to Toronto from Montreal, I thought everyone had an accent. It was an accent best illustrated in a sentence like, "Are you wearing your new pants to the dance?" So nasal, us Torontonians!

Booze: Red wine in winter, especially a lively Shiraz. White wine in summer, especially a tart Muscadet. Beer after a movie, especially Keiths or in the summer, apricot wheat bear.

Chore I hate: Taking in dry cleaning.

Dogs/Cats: Two cats, Bascha and Jinx.

Essential Electronics: computer, cordless phone, phone headset, iPod, home theatre surround sound system.

Favorite Perfume: Delicious

Gold/Silver: Silver.

Hometown: Toronto.

Insomnia: Not that often, but when I have it - brutal!

Job Title: Life Coach.

Kids: No, not in my cards.

Living Arrangements: Living in our own house with my beloved.

Most admired trait: I'm guessing here - maybe joie de vivre, maybe bravery. If you're thinking something different, I'd love to hear it.

Number of rings on your fingers: 4, my engagement ring is on my right hand and my wedding ring is on my left. I have a thumb ring and I have this spectacular ring Justin once bought me with an engraving for the goddess, for Jupiter (my planet), Sagittarius and a sign for alchemy (meant to represent my moodiness. (And btw, this question originally asked how many sex partners you had, but I changed it, hehe)

Overnight hospital stays: None, and I'm very thankful.

Phobias: The dentist, deep water and heights.

Quotes: "I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do." (attributed to Helen Keller, Josef Karsh and a variety of others)

Religion: That's between me and the Universe.

Siblings: I am so, so blessed to have 2 sisters, Suzie & Shannon, and a brother, Jason.

Time I usually wake up: 6:45 - isn't that painful? And I'm waking up earlier as I try to partake in Morning Pages!

Unusual talent: I can shuffle off to Buffalo (tap dancing)

Veggies I refuse to Eat: Squash.

Worst Habit: Not answering the phone.

X rays: Not recently.

Yummy food I make: I make a great smoothie, and a favourite meal at our house we call the "Rosty"

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius!


Jessie said...

You're still doing morning pages? Whew! Good for you. I'm impressed!

Shannon said...

I would add confidence to your most admired traits :)

Great answers!! and I miss the Roasty!! and Smoothies!!

Sacred Suzie said...

I most admire your ability to inspire action in others, to help them make their lives fun and interesting. You reminded me that there is nothing to be afraid of, jump in and see what happens. You don't just do this for others, I see you do it for you too! This is your joix de vive and bravery in action. I love it!

Cute cat photo too! Cutie pies.

liz elayne said...

we should tap dance together some time. love it. I can just break out into a timestep at will sometimes.

love the list!

melba said...

I see you had already tagged yourself when I tagged you! Nice getting to know you more.