Monday, June 19, 2006

20 Things I Don't Like!

Thank you, Melba, for creating this meme and for tagging me for it! The day that I read about it a water pipe near our home burst. My husband got me out of bed at 2 am to see. It was amazing - 50' of water just reaching for the sky. I thought - yeah, that's why it's good to get these things you don't like out of your system! No bursting! I wish I could have taken a picture to accompany this post!

Instead I'm sharing my poor little plants that got thrashed by some roofers who tossed all sorts of building garbage on top of them. I went out and had a talk with them, (the roofers, not the flowers. Okay, I'm referring to the roofers, but I did also talk to my flowers) but as we had a language barrier all they seemed to understand was that I wanted their stuff moved, not that I could have wept for my little side garden. As they weren't in a rush to save my little beauties, I donned some work gloves and got out there myself. Sometimes even a geranium needs you to be a hero, hehe.

20 Things I don't Like
  1. Callousness
  2. Brussel sprouts
  3. Black Forest Cake
  4. All the -isms (sexism, racism, homophobia...)
  5. Being tired but wired
  6. Violence
  7. People who come to a movie late and sit right in front of you
  8. When people leave as soon as a performance is over, not taking the time to applaud
  9. Making mistakes in front of other people
  10. The guilt inspired by unfinished projects
  11. Having my movement constricted
  12. Shellfish (eating them that is. I have nothing against them as creatures)
  13. Clutter
  14. How weak my hands have become
  15. Assumptions
  16. Feeling trapped
  17. Not knowing the next step
  18. Restrictive clothing (except corsets. I like corsets)
  19. Maliciousness
  20. Practical jokes

Now, I am not up to date with my reading, so if I tag you and you've already done it, please note #9 and forgive me. And if you want to do it, dive in - the more the merrier. I tag Suzie, Shannon, Claudia and Laini.


Sacred Suzie said...

Those poor flowers! Good for you for being their hero Jamie, I'm sure they appreciated it. (I talk to my herb garden all the time, we are good friends.)

Thanks for tagging me. I really enjoyed coming up with the list and the fact that it was such a challenge. Fascinating!

melba said...

I agreed with several on your list. But not brussel spouts. I don't think I had ever tried them until my husband asked why I never make brussel spouts for dinner because he really likes them. So bought some and stir fried them with butter, garlic, salt and pepper and they were very good. Now we eat them all the time.
I hate when people leave early from a performance beat the crowd. I would be so embarrassed when I was in chorus in school and my stepmother would make us all leave right after I went on. I like to take the whole show in and sit and think about what I just saw ....a movie, a play, a sporting event. I don't like to rush out.

And thanks for doing the tag!!!

krista said...

tired but Wired. that is totally what happens to me. I have never put those two words together before.

megg said...

Now that is a refeshing list!! I liked reading about those parts of you!!

And I agree with you on the shellfish!!!

Felicity said...

Brussels sprouts are absolutely divine if you buy them fresh and slice them and then saute them in good olive oil. Very very good served over rice.

Laini Taylor said...

Fun meme -- I'll probably take the tag challenge some time this week, after I mull and sort my dislikes. I'm with you on the movie one and the people not applauding, like by skedaddling they're going to beat the crowd and get home 5 minutes sooner! Not so with you on shellfish and black forest cake. Yum and yum.

John Tran said...

Hey Jamie,

Thanks for the comment on my little poem!

Looking through your list, I was trying to think of any harmless "-isms" and can only come up with "Jetism"!! :)