Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Zaanse Schancs ~ Marken ~ Muid

Yesterday we went to Zaanse Schans, a town that is very representative of the traditional way of doing things. My father-in-law kept teasing us that there were so many interesting things that were exciting to look at and we were like, "Wow, look at the ducks.""Look at that cow!" We're city folk through and through.

Then we went to Marken, which used to be an island and now land has been created that we could drive across to the city. A beautiful old fishing village.

One of the best part of the day was driving through Holland and looking at farms and houses and gardens. I can't get enough of looking at people's homes! That's the case at home too. Holland is so beautiful. It doesn't matter where we stop, it's always breathtaking. This is Muirden. We sat by the canal and had a nice glass of red wine. We saw a guy kayaking through the country waiting to get through the locks!


Shannon said...

Amazing pics!!! I was totally drawn to the ducks! I guess I'm city folk too, hehe.

Everything is absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for sharing your adventures!

Sacred Suzie said...

Hey, that ducks picture actually made me "Awwwwww!!!" out loud! So ADORABLE!

What a gorgeous country, you can just see the history everywhere.

I love those old homes too.

Dan said...

Hey, great pictures! Sounds like you're having an awesome time. I liked the story about the little cafe the locals use that you guys went to. Those are some of the most memorable travelling moments.

Have a blast for the rest of your trip!

Jessie said...

That last picture is so lovely...I want to step right into it! Thank god for blogs---because this way the rest of us get to travel with you vicariously! :)

chest of drawers said...

Beautiful! I was in Holland years ago, in Gouda, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and near the Belgian border and I loved it too. All those beautiful lofts in Amsterdam - you pictures make me want to go back for another look.

megg said...

Hi there - I'm a bit behind so I have really enjoyed reading through your Holland posts - I love that I have been to some of the places you have shown - how beautiful it is there, and how wonderful are the Dutch people?! (They LOVE Canadians!) SIgh, I am so jealous of your journey - keep sharing!!