Saturday, April 22, 2006

10 Beans About Myself

Thanks, Meg, for tagging me on this one. I'm going to Spill 10 Beans About Myself!
  1. I cry really easily when something moves or touches me, like a poem or a moment or the reveal in Neat.
  2. I absolutely love trees. When I was a kid, I spent much of my time in a big old Willow tree in our yard.
  3. I'm a wicked fast typer.
  4. I can't stand seafood or any food that's mushy.
  5. The first time a boy French-kissed kissed me I was so shocked I didn't talk to him for a year. To this day he doesn't know why. (Shane, if you read this, I'm sorry.)
  6. When choosing a wall colour, the amount of paintchips I bring home is extreme.
  7. I feel uncomfortable calling people and answering the phone.
  8. After 2 years, several courses and my comprehensive exam, I decided to walk away from my doctoral studies. I realized I was a creator not a critiquer.
  9. I'm a bit embarrassed by how much I love having a garden.
  10. I am an age rebel. I never tell my age, and I never ask anyone theirs.

And I tag: Suzie, Shannon, John, Dan, Beansprout, Sutrasweetie, Melba and Liz and of course, everyone else interested is always invited to play!


krista said...

you don't look a day over 20 friend! Wink wink.

liz elayne said...

oh these are so fun! I am cracking up about your apology to shane.
i already learned that you are a wicked fast typer earlier today...and so am i...i think we will be typing over each other instead of talking over each other if we chat again. hee, hee.
i cry so easily as well...and didn't even click the link yet because i need to get to bed sans tears.
i have to admit to spilling some beans about me in a post last week...but i might be moved to share a few more...we shall see.
thanks for making me smile with this great list!

Jim Di Bartolo said...
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Laini Taylor said...

Jamie, I relate to so many of these! Trees, that first french kiss, not being comfortable on the phone. Great list!

Jamie said...

Now, I have to wonder whether that deleted post is from...


Sacred Suzie said...

Yeah really, maybe that was Shane?! Oh Jamie, that part was so funny! I didn't know that, very revealing...

I posted mine at
if you want to check it out.

megg said...

I agree with Liz - your apology was classic! You know what? I DID THE SAME THING! I broke up with a 'boyfriend' after one week because he tried to French Kiss me. I was so grossed out by the whole thing I dumped him (in a note, of course!) and couldn't talk to him for months - ha ha ha ha, I thought I was the only one!

Jessie said...

Great list. I must admit that I find #8 most intriguing...probably because I've only recently decided to do an MFA instead of a PhD. Yep, I hear ya.

And, btw, I love the photo! :)

chest of drawers said...

I can so relate to 1, 6,7 and 9.
I looked at the NEAT sight and it´s fantastic! Is it available on DVD?
I love it that you´ve been showing more photos of yourself!

Cate said...

I so enjoyed your list, and I must admit, feel a certain kinship. I'm uncomfortable on the phone, too (with people I don't know very well!). Thank you for sharing this!