Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Winter Trees

Thank you Claudia for introducing me to Picasa. That's how I made this photo collage as easy as pie. I got excited about making a collage that I looked through all of my pictures wondering, what do I take pictures of? And I realized one of the things I love, love, love is trees.

I am so excited about moving into spring. I am completely ready for it, but I do notice that one of the things I'll miss is winter trees. I love seeing the complexities of their branches, the strength of their structure. I enjoy the naked intimacy of a tree with no leaves. I look out my window and wonder, what approach would I take to climbing that tree? I think about how no trees are structured the way we all drew them as children.

And now I know that soon there will be a day when we will notice a couple of buds and within a few days more, everything will have miraculously exploded into green. And the trees will have their privacy once more.


liz elayne said...

it is so true that the way we draw trees and the way they look are often not at all the same.
i love these photos and appreciate the link to this site! thanks!
and i have to admit that i too love that day when you realize everything has exploded into green. happens every year to me...

megg said...

OOOooooohhhhhh that last bit was pure poetry!!

I'm jealous of your collage. I can't do it - I have a MAC. ;-P

I love trees too - we don't have many here b/c of the harsh sea winds. When you drive inland just a little there are more, all sculpted by the winds. Lovely. I love that bit of green fuzz that happens just before the leaves! It's a promise!

Sacred Suzie said...

Fabulous! I love the trees collage, bravo Jamie, way to go. I have totally got to check out that program. I agree with megg, absolute poetry in your writing.

I love watching the sunset come through winter trees, it always makes me think of stained glass. The Goddess is definitely an artist. And so are you!

Dan said...

Great collage, Jamie!
I found your musings on trees quite insightful (and wonderfully literary!) I think I'm looking as forward to spring as those naked trees. One of the drawbacks of living in the city is there aren't enough trees...but tree lovers like you know where to find them, and thank you for sharing them.