Thursday, March 23, 2006

Poetry Thursday ~ The Tulip Girl

This is my first offering in Liz's Poetry Thursday. I used to write poetry all the time and then not for years. A while ago, this poem found it's way into my head and onto the page. With the feeling of spring, I thought I'd share it. I hope you like it.

The Tulip Girl

This morning,
I was the tulip girl.

Walking to the subway,
carrying tulips,
I heard a bongo-playing streetkid call,
"Share some love.
Share some love."

I held the tulips to my face.
They smelled like fresh peas.

I was late for workand all was right with the world.


beansprout said...

Great beginning! I love it when "all is right with the world." Looking forward to reading more. Be well.

Sacred Suzie said...

Love it Jamie! The photo and the poem, just wonderful. I know exactly that smell of fresh peas from tulips, perfect analogy. Way to go!

liz elayne said...

and all was right with the world.
how i love tulips and this last line.
thank you for busting out your poetry self today girl. love it.
(and i must admit that is the first time i have ever used the phrase busting out in a comment in all the months i have been blogging...hmmm..hope it makes you laugh!)

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Jamie, love the tulip poem (the pea scent is great! and the pics of trees from your last post. I love trees -- I think I want to be a tree-ologist when I grow up. You know, it just hit me it's very unlikely I will ever be a something-ologist. Huh. Are there any ologists that don't require extreme schooling? What kind of ology can I strive for?

megg said...

MMMMmmmmm.... lovely! I'm smiling thinking about the sweetness of your words and of the feeling that they gave me. thank you from deep in my soul!! xoxo

chest of drawers said...

Lovely poem, I could picture the scene clearly in my head, I think I´ll buy some tulips later today!

Shannon said...

Go Jamie!!! You *are* the tulip girl, I've seen it and I know it! Great poem, its so you!!!