Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Figment 5 ~ If I were a Superhero

Today, I wish I was a superhero who could stop time for a minute and catch up. Some of you probably know that Blogger had some issues this weekend. I lost an entire post. So if you are one of the creative beauties that sent me a postcard, know that I will try and get a pic up of them again soon. And to top that off, yesterday our Internet service was down. So here I am, feeling a bit behind, taking a deep breath and reminding myself that things happen at just the right time, not necessarily when I want them to.

Ahhh.... I think that little vent made space for my superhero. Today's pic is my 52 Figments contribution of me if I was a superhero. And when I look at it, I really want to thank Alexandra for the comment she left about collage the other day and how she'd thought of collage as the purview of artists. Alexandra, you really opened up something for me because I've actually never considered creating a collage to be creating art. I thought of it as something you did to gain some insight or to put all the things you like in one place. You made me look at it with new eyes and wonder, if collage is art, what's possible? Something yummy.

Recently in reading people's blog entries, I'm amazed at how blogging has been a way for so many people to come out as who they really are, to show and share this self that is blooming so large inside that it can't be contained, to say some things outloud for the first time and then be wildly amazed when you are heard. For me creating this blog was my way to come out as a creative person. It has sometimes been scary, but it has always been wonderful.

So thank you everyone for the magic and inspiration you are spreading. Know that in sharing yourself, you are changing the world. What superheroes you all are.


megg said...

Wonderful, wonderful post Jamie!!

I am going to put your words on my b-board today!! Thanks for such inspiration.

P.S. I LOVED your superhero!! Does she sparkle up close??

Laini Taylor said...

Your image is great Jamie! I love the 52 figments project and deeply envy the mail Christine is getting! Whenever I send one in I check back over and over to see when they get posted! And as for collage, though I have long thought of it as art, I am constantly astounded by what a wonderful medium it is for coaxing people out of their shells -- people who are convinced they aren't "creative" and who wouldn't think of picking up a pencil to draw, can start with collage and realize that everyone is creative, that it's a skill to be learned and developed. I love the huge popularity of scrapbooking and paper arts stores that provide the most gorgeous materials and crafty doodads for people who don't "draw" but can make stunning art nonetheless.

Frankie said...

I'm so in love with this post! What a beautiful work of art you created! You ARE a superhero. How else could you explain such wonderous creativity, wisdom and talent?