Sunday, January 29, 2006

Time to Be

Ever noticed how your best qualities can sometimes get in your way? One that takes on that role in my life is my tendency to be a "doer." I love to dive in and make things happen. A day doesn't go by when I don't want to have crossed something off my to-do list and taken at least one step towards my hopes and dreams. Mostly I think this is great (which is good because it's kind of hard-wired into my character), but sometimes, ack!

When does being a doer take on a less appealing face? When I've become a person who doesn't relax, who is glued to her datebook and who forgets what it's like to be spontaneous, when things start to blur into "tasks to get done" instead of moments and experiences to savour. This happens to me, well, more often than I'd like.

But yesterday getting a task done turned into a joyful, meandering afternoon. My husband and I decided to take a walk up the street to donate some items that had been cluttering up our den. We packed up some bags and stepped out into the day, fully intending to be back in 30 minutes. It was a gorgeous day (as far as Toronto in January goes) and after dropping off our donation, we decided to extend our walk.

For the next 4 hours we walked around looking at houses (one of my favourite activities) and found ourselves in the Beaches neighbourhood where we explored the shops and stopped for a yummy lunch (far too much french toast for me, mmm!) and then walked back. It was awesome (except for the resulting sore feet). And the best part was just hanging out and chatting while we strolled along, spending time together just being ourselves. I've heard it said that we are human "beings" not human "doings," and yesterday was a good reminder of that.

Don't get me wrong. I won't be giving up "doing." I love and celebrate that part of myself. But I also recognize that sometimes I can work in that mode too often and forget that I've got a range of personality available to me.

I really believe that we've got one job to do while we're here on this earth: to be who we are. And by that I mean all of who we are. So yes, I'm a doer. But I'm also someone who loves spontaneous long walks through cool neighbourhoods and interesting stores with good company, sharing casual but intimate conversation and eating far too much french toast.


megg said...

Hi there!

SIGH! I'm so jealous! I love wandering in Toronto... who am I kidding, I love wandering in any city, but Toronto most of all! Have you ever had coffee at Balzac's in the distillery district? YUM. Their Mochas are a work of art!!

It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I hope that today is the same!


chest of drawers said...

Toronto sounds wonderful! What a gift to spend such a wonderful day with your husband...go right being who you are, I think you´re fabulous!

chest of drawers said...

sorry...that´s "go right on being who you are"

Frankie said...

Oh my goodness how I love this! You have a real way with words. I love that you stepped outside of your usual routine and allowed yourself to "be." What a wonderful experience for you. I found myself nodding along with so much of this, especially the line about allowing ourselves to be human beings, instead of human doings. What a lovely reminder. Thank you so much!