Saturday, January 28, 2006

More Postcards!

And I am absolutely thrilled to say I've received 2 more postcards! Aren't they wonderful? The one on the the left is from Katie. Thanks, Katie! I love Reggie the puppy! And the one above is from Maria. Thank you, Maria! I just love the colours and the texture!

Receiving these postcards is so fun. I'm loving seeing everyone's creations. I am feeling badly, however, that as a total newb I sent out my postcards without an envelope or covering to protect them. I hope they aren't thrashed by the time people get them! Live and learn!


katiek said...

I'm glad you liked Reggie! I've been having a ball with watercolor and wool felt this winter and I just so happened to combine the two for this project! You cna take the plastic off I hope you know :) I also got Maria's card and it's great! I can sorta understand swedish, so it was a happy day to get hers!

maria said...

Nice to hear that you liked the card! The grey part is an old wallpaper I found. Skapande is the Swedish word for creative.

megg said...

Hey Jamie!!

Lol about my coffee!!

The postcard swap looks like so much fun. I went to the website - do you know how many times a year it's done? I'd love to participate another time.

Hope you're having a great weekend & that your cat's feeling better!


Queen of Scatterville said...

I received your postcard today for the swap! Thank you , it's wonderful and I love the pictures you included. Handmade mugs are one of my favorite things being a repressed potter, and my daughter loved the dog. :)

rose said...

Thanks for the postcard - the part I can see was lovely. But unfortunately, it did get partially shredded on the way :<.