Monday, January 09, 2006


Here's one of the reasons I believe in magic. As soon as I made this commitment to making space for creative projects, I started stumbling across cool and exciting things to do and to share. And that's not even mentioning how I'm just exploding with things I want to try, do, taste, see, explore, say, glue, colour, cut, shop for, you name it!

So the new cool thing I found today and, of course, immediately signed up for is a postcard swap. I have never heard of such a thing before, but it inspires 10 little projects and connecting with people - what could be bad? The basic idea is that you say you want to participate (deadline is Friday, January 13 - auspicious, eh?) and then you get a list of 10 other interested people. Then you make (yes, I said make) each person a postcard and mail them off by January 28th. Now, there are some other requirements (like the postcards have to have a dog on them somewhere), so if you want to participate please check out all the details.

Info for the postcard swap is at: Postcard Swap

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