Sunday, January 15, 2006


Today's pic is this week's figment for Swirly Girl's 52 Figments. It is a response to "where would you go if money wasn't an issue and your safety was gauranteed?" When I was creating my list, I noticed how writing it down felt so different than thinking about it or even chatting about it. When I was thinking about the answer to this question, it felt like daydreaming. When I wrote it down, it felt more like planning.

I remember once finding a little red piece of paper folded up and tucked into a drawer years earlier by me. On it were wishes I had made for myself, and I was astonished to find out how many of them had come true. Magic. Maybe that's one of the things that has fuelled my love of lists. I'll have to check in with myself down the road to see what's happened from this list too. I am 100% sure I will dance!

On the same note, I found the courage to start a list of goals on 43 Things, but not without a moment of panic. I had entered 5 goals when suddenly I realized that there didn't appear to be a delete function. I had this immediate and horrible nightmare of this list existing for all time pointing to things I had neglected or chosen not to do. The horror. The horror. I stopped immediately. Later, when I was much calmer, I was able to search through the help directory and find that yes, you can delete goals, however they admit that it's not too easy to do. And, you know, perhaps that's how it should be.

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