Saturday, January 14, 2006


Now, because I'm a coach it might suprise you to know that I'm not very fussy on the word "balance," at least not in how I used to define it. In the past when I heard the word balance, I thought of sameness and symmetry. I thought of all parts being equal. And often that, well, that bores me. In addition, that perspective didn't provide any insight into how I wanted to live my life. And so I sought a view of balance that did.

I think of scales when I think of balance. And what I've decided to measure is how well what I'm creating outside of me weighs against what's inside of me. For me, this image helps me stay focused on and committed to one of my top values which is authenticity.

Another way I like to think about balance was inspired by my studies of Nia. Carlos, one of the founders of Nia, said, "When you lift one of your feet, balance comes out to play." I love that image (I'm a big fan of playing). Now I imagine that challenges or situations that throw me off are, just like raising your foot, an opportunity for balance to come out and play.

And lastly I realize that often when people talk about "balance" they are referring to their lives being proportioned in a way that makes them happy and provides them with ease. They aren't feeling rushed and tired, oppressed by the weight of priorities out of control. I understand that. As a coach, I am committed to helping people get to feeling like they can make choices in their lives. In my life, in my own words, I choose to call this harmony.

Note: The picture for today and for yesterday are 2 of the postcards I have created for the postcard swap I'm participating in.


chest of drawers said...

You are amazing, capturing thoughts and putting them into words just the right way. My life seems more like a balancing act than balanced most times but I am realising that I have the power to choose a life of pleasure and enjoyment over what others want and expect from me. The idea that we should balance what we want to achieve on the inside with what we actually achieve gives me a whole new perspective.Why does it take some people so long to have the courage to express their own desires while others do it intuitively?
Your postcards are beautiful!

Jamie said...

Thank you, Claudia.

I really appreciate hearing your perspective on balance in your own life. Now that you know you have the power to choose pleasure and enjoyment, what are you going to do first? Be sure to share!

And thank you for the kind words about my postcards. It's the first time I'm participating in something like this and that's just the encouragement I needed!

You rock!