Friday, May 01, 2009

The 4th Annual Shyne Like a Star Virtual Dance Party is HERE!

I'm so glad you're here.

Let's dance!

I believe that dance is for everybody,
that our bodies & souls long to dance!

And so each year on May 1st, I invite the world to dance for 15 minutes.
Take 15 minutes of your day, turn the music up and get your groove on.

Dance while no one's looking.
Dance with your honey in the kitchen.
Dance while you wait for the bus.
Dance with your cat.
Dance at your meeting.
Dance while you make your tea.

Dance with all your heart.

And wherever you are, know that we are all dancing together!
Let the party begin!

Feel free to share your Dance Party experience! What's your soundtrack? Where did you boogie? Got pics? Video? Let's spread the joy of dance and let our spirits fly!

I love dancing to all kinds of music but in honour of our 13-year being-in-love anniversary, here's something my honey and I threw down to way back when on the dance floor we called home. (Romance is really individual, isn't it?)


Genie Sea said...

LOL! I love Prodigy and "Firestarter" is one of my faves :)


I'm dancing again! :)

Lissa said...

I couldn't get the video to work:(
however I am all in for the Partay:)
Even picked out a song/video, that someone in our group should remember should she stop by! Have a wonderful dancing day! Thanks so much for doing this Jamie!

clairedulalune said...

I did it! I danced for 15 minutes! Knackered! Loved it though, and past it on, on my blog! Thanks, I need a nap now!

Kavindra said...

OK I am definitely middle aged - it's official with this video - it scares the bejeesus outta me! Happy in love anniversary, and I won't hold this against you even tho you just gave me nightmares for at least 3 nights :)

(is he the product of an illicit liason between bozo and satan?)

Jennifer said...

Party! Celebrate! Be Happy! Dance!! WOO HOO!!

Love it! I hope Chair Dancing Counts!! My lower back is out of sirts today but I am hoppin' and Boppin' for the last 30 minutes!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Lori-Lyn said...

I wanna dance everyday now!

Sunfire said...

Firestarter is awesome! Great beat for dancing to!

Lydia said...

Cheers to a grass roots dancing revolution!!
It would be cool to see more videos of the bloggers themselves dancing. I'll try to do it next year!

Brandi said...

I did pirouettes down the aisles between cubes at the office. my coworkers got a good laugh out of that...LOL