Thursday, March 05, 2009

Goddess Guide Me

This is a wild little interactive book that I've had for years but haven't looked at in ages. I inherited it from my sister, and it's called Goddess, Guide Me!: Divine Wisdom for Your Head, Heart, and Home by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber. The wisdom of 12 goddesses is divided into head, heart and home. You roll 3 die and come up with your unique combination of advice for the day.

Lately I've been taking in the feedback from The Next Chapter Survey and thinking about the work I want to do in the world, the people I want to help, the magic I want to spread. Most days it's wildly exciting and I'm full of enthusiasm for what's next. And every now and again, usually when I'm tired or have put a tad (or a ton) too much on my plate, I hit that place of overwhelm and need pep talk. That's when I turn to my encouragement box (Thank you again to all of you who have been contributors!) and also to tools of self-reflection, like journaling or tarot.

Today I was inspired to pull out Goddess Guide Me and hear what advice might come my way. Talk about on target! Here's a sampling of the 'stay the course' advice I received.

My Goddess Guide Me Reading - highlights

The Head: Romi Kumu, Goddess of Willpower
Think of yourself
I focus my willpower to realize my dreams and bravely burn away thoughts of compromise and defeat.

The Heart: Eurzulie,
Goddess of Sensitivity
Feel vulnerable
I feel so connected to all-that-is that I can intuitively sense what another is feeling. I protect myself from negativity.

The Home: Diviana, Goddess of Protection
Establish security
I use my intuition to guide my defensive efforts to protect myself and those I care for from whatever threatens growth and learning

What do you do to reconnect with your heart and support yourself when you're feeling down?


DG said...

I see here that you need to be strong and sensitive at the same time, open to good and yet guarded against bad. That is very challenging Jamie!

Anonymous said...

I do three things: 1. I meditate/sit quietly and listen to my zen music.

2. I read from "Daily Guidance From Your Angels"

3. Most importantly I pray..Sending up my requests and believing I am heard.


Tori said...

Thank you for the advice! I started journaling my way through The Sunflower last night, and it helps a lot. =)

I have always had a notebook that I turn to when I need it. Just writing about a situation can really help me move on. When I'm feeling down that is what I usually do.

Genie Sea said...

OH! Sounds like a delicious book! A possible Next Chapter book?

To reconnect, I: Walk and get fresh air, listen to music and dance, paint. :)

Serena said...

What a great way to get some guidance.

to reconnect, i meditate, walk in nature and paint ~ :)

peppylady said...

We all need something a little more the just flesh.

Coffee is on.

megg said...

I have been struggling with that lately - with getting my head back on straight - I have been a bit lost. I think that reading, walking, and listening to music helps. I also have the Faeries' Oracle that I am just learning to read & it's amazing - I have pulled the same card over and over and over again - hmmm... pretty clear that I need to listen to the message!


KathrynAntyr said...

What a fun interactive Goddess book. How cool.

I tend to get down when I'm tired. Now that I realize this I go gently and just chill out watching movies during these times. I know I will refuel and get back in high gear before too long.

When the inner critics are in full force I will play with affirmations, journal or chat with friends. Usually when I chat with someone who gets me, I find just having my fears or ideas heard quiets those pesky committee members.

Any time you need an ear or pep talk visit me -- I'm a good cheerleader!

xoxo k

Lissa said...

I'm with Genie. Could that be our next book?

There has been some great advice given and yes! heard, noted and received through wishcasting/12 secrets. I retreat to my sanctuary. Either my bed or my bathtub along with music and candles or my sanctuary of family/friends. I have realized that it is OK to nurture myself or allow others to nurture me.
It is not a sign of weakness. It is a part of being human and actually connects us to something greater, which gives us strength.

intothedawn said...

I love Amy Zerner & Monte Farber! Her artwork is fantastic. My very first tarot deck was their Enchanted Tarot. Their chakra meditation CD is very good, too. I've seen this Goddess Guide Me book and wondered about it. What a cool concept.

And what perfect advice it gave you! Hope you are feeling inspired once more.

How do I reconnect? Right now, music seems to be the key-- lifts my mood, sings me advice, inspires me, energizes me... all sorts of good things!