Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Creative Stirrings

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Creative Stirrings

Though winter still has a firm grip on Toronto, spring’s energy is percolating. Many of you have shared with me that you are ready to make a change in your life or in the world, that you’re longing for more time with your art or with like-minded people, that you want to start creating your life and your work from what’s stirring in your heart.


And so how do you make a start, especially when something is new, big and maybe scary too?

1. Say it out loud

Magic happens when you share what you’re dreaming of. Here's a great example from The Bigger Game leadership training I attended last month. The leader expressed her longing for more joy on the subway. It turned out one of the participants owned subway-level video terminals and in less than 3 minutes they were strategizing on how to use that medium to bring smiles to commuters!

2. Be brave.

Stepping into your dreams is courageous. Start flexing your bravery muscles. Take the lead from my dear friend Jessie Marianiello’s Be Brave Project. Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s statement “Do one thing every day that scares you,” Jessie encourages people to spend one month doing just that. Make March your month!

3. Be open.

Whatever you’re creating, whether it’s dinner, a book or a business, remember that it’s a living project. Every step of the way you will receive feedback and information. Keep your eyes and heart open for learning and opportunities that might just make your project even better than you’d imagined.

4. Take Care of You

As you expend your creative energy, remember to take time to refill your well. Go for walks. Drink lots of water. Have a nap. Take in a movie. Develop your own set of restoration techniques and make sure you apply them – liberally.

5. Celebrate Your Progress

Acknowledge yourself for showing up and taking a step. So often discouraged clients come to me and say, “Jamie, I didn’t make any progress this week.” Then as they get into the details, they realize in fact that isn't true! Noticing and celebrating each step along the way keeps our energy up and reminds us what we’re capable of.

What's stirring for you?


Genie Sea said...

Thank you, Jamie for these amazing steps to balance, growth and self-actualization! I would love to hear more about the subway project. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you Jamie - I deeply needed to hear this today. I am on the far side of a crisis (thankfully) and trying very desperately to regroup. This was wonderful.
Blessings, Sarah

Unknown said...

Thank you Jamie - I deeply needed to hear this today. I am on the far side of a crisis (thankfully) and trying very desperately to regroup. This was wonderful.
Blessings, Sarah

peppylady (Dora) said...

Boy you hit the head on nail.
It important to have balance but some time the scales want to tip to much to one way or anther.

Coffee is on.

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

With the kids back to school this week, I will have more time for creative play.

So far I´ve been taking the "be brave" advice and dealing with the things that have to be done asap.

Last year I was late for a lot of stuff (e.g: books that I would get "later" and by the time I went to the book shops they were sold out and the kids were out of books for school for a while) This year I´ve been on top of things.

Isn´t this a long comment? Lol! I will use it as a starting point for a blog post. :D

Tori said...

These are some great tips! Thanks for shairing, Jamie. =)