Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wishcasting Wednesday ~ January 28

What do you wish to create?

Be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy. Answer the wish prompt above on your blog and then add a direct link to your post in the box below. Support wishes by visiting other participants, leaving a comment saying “As (insert name) wishes for her/himself, so I wish for her/him also.” It’s that simple. There is great power in wishing together.


Sacred Suzie said...

That is too funny! I was looking at the pic thinking, that looks familiar! LOL. OMG, what a great day that was Jamie, I loved it. Thanks for helping me branch out as a creative diva. Oh, now I have to figure out what I want to create. I think it's going to be yummy, I think I'll hold the glue this time.

Kavindra said...

Jamie, I loved your interview. Thanks for sharing even more of yourself with us today. The more I see the more I love!

Genie Sea said...

Jamie? Did I mention I love you? Can you adopt me into your sisterhood? :)

I loved the interview!

And I totally misread the wish prompt today. I think I am going snow looney! :)

Gypsy said...

Finally took the time to write my wish for today although it turned into something I least expected it too~

Pamela said...


This is a beautiful idea and I am so excited to participate. Thank you for this. :D

Sacred Suzie said...

I hope you had a great spa day! I'm so glad you do that for yourself Jamie. One day I will open up to those kinds of treatments. For now, I'm just so happy about my hair! LOL.