Friday, January 23, 2009

Secret #3: Following Your Fascinations

This week at The Next Chapter: 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women we're talking about following our fascinations, an adventure that takes heart, courage and support.

Bolstering Your Staying Power

Here are some things that help bolster my courage and support me when I'm risking:
  • being well-rested, well-prepared and well-dressed
  • doing everything I can to make it easier, then diving in and getting it done
  • having candid and vulnerable conversations with loved ones about my hopes and fears
  • reminding myself of the things I've already done that were even scarier
  • being reminded I am loved and that there are people who believe in me
  • asking for help and/or support
  • having a coach
  • bringing a friend
  • connecting to my body through touch, slowing down, breathing, moving
  • my encouragement box
  • Reiki
  • trusting the Universe
  • knowing it's my job to step up and let the Universe know this is what I really want
  • being willing to pay the price (Have you seen The Miss Firecracker Contest?)
  • believing in myself, trusting that I can bear the results either way
  • getting some perspective on the risk I'm taking (e.g. No one's going to die, it won't be the end of the world...)
  • appreciating all that I love in my life
  • being clear on why I'm taking the risk
  • having a cheering section
  • knowing the kind of person I want to be in this world
  • taking quiet time with the Universe
  • taking the initiative (I strongly prefer taking a step to being pushed)
  • giving myself time to recover afterwards
  • thinking of it as an adventure, reminding myself I simply don't know what's going to happen next. Anything's possible.
  • booking a celebration to mark having taken the risk, honouring my bravery, regardless of the results
What risk will I take this week?

I've been risking all over the map these past couple of weeks. This week, I will risk writing a press release about The Next Chapter and sending it to at least 3 media centres. (I'm hearing in my head all the reasons why I can't/shouldn't do it [I'm going to have to visit the Vault] so it's a definite go. Wish me luck!)


Kavindra said...

I would wish you luck, but you, of all people, don't need luck. You are daily creating your own beautiful world, and pulling us all into it with you.

I am so happy to see you are writing press releases about your work. You are an international, global treasure.

I love your first list, and am going to soak it in and learn from it.

Anonymous said...

Instead of luck I will wish you many blessings. You deserve them!

Anonymous said...


Love the list.

I am especially thinking, after the interview and now this, about the idea of clothing and how it can act as a signifier.

When I put on my yoga pants, I know it's time for yoga, and I don't wear then just for leisure.

I wonder what my "writing clothes" really are asking to be?

esk said...

Wow - what a great list. I love that you have a great support group. That has been tremendous for me as I follow my dreams. When I have doubts, my family and friends are there to say: keep going, you can do it!

BB said...

Good luck :-D

Have a fabulous week!

Her Speak said...

All the best, Jamie! The world needs to know about the revolution going on here in the blogosphere! :)

Lisa said...

Yeah! A press release is an awesome idea.

I love your list; especially the one about remembering things in the past that were even more scary and that noone's going to die. LOL Perspective is very important.

Caroline said...

I do wish you luck!

Genie Sea said...

Best of luck, my friend. But you won't need it. :) It will happen. That I know.


To me.

You are already a star. :)

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Go and do it! Go and do it!
*Paula shakes pom poms in a wild fashion*
You know the timing is perfect. :)

Belle said...

I love your list very much, Jamie.

Tonight I'm working on "hope" postcards, and seeing how much taking risks is entwined with all our hopes and dreams. Sending loving thoughts your way - hoping those press releases will take wing and fly forward!

Fatma said...

Love your list! Definitely standing behind you cheering you on as you step out into the arena!

intothedawn said...

"Doing everything I can to make it easier and then diving in and getting it done." Oh, I like that. I REALLY like that. There's so much on your list I like, but that one pops out and grabs me.

Awesome about the press releases! Go for it, girl!

Sacred Suzie said...

I can't imagine anyone daring to push you Jamie! I love Miss Firecracker, great and inspiring movie. When it comes to dedication for a dream, I can't think of another character that fits that role any better. That's a huge risk! Holy cow Jamie, it's genius! I sense big good stuff on the way.

creativehealinggoddess said...

I love that one well dressed and well prepared.

Do it Do it with over a hundred people subscribed!!! what a success you are Jamie.

curious girl (lisa) said...

what an awesome list jamie!

Beautiful Witch said...

How wonderful that you are sharing this awesome project with more and more people. There has been such an increase in participants between our first adventure, Soul Coaching, and 12 Secrets. Obviously there is a desire for this undertaking and I'm so happy you're getting the word out so more and more people can be connected. Thank you also for your list - I am going to keep a copy and add it to mine and refer back to them when I feel sad and defeated.

Alex said...

I wish you success with your press release. Let us know how (and where) it turns out!
Your list is great, very inspiring.

gemma said...

I took a risk yesterday and went to a funky art gallery in a run down part of town...have been wanting to go there. It was friggin' AWESOME!
Thanks for the challenge.

Jenn said...

That is a fabulous list! It's very inspirational and has given me some good ideas to add to my own. I think being well-dressed is so important along with knowing the type of person you want to be.

Best of luck with the press releases!

jennlui said...

fabulous list jamie of things that nurture your soul when you are risking... my list would be very similar!!! i just love it how you mention that these things that encourage us are tools in our creative kit, i LOVE this!!! it's absolutely awesome to see it this way!!!

i love that you are writing up a press release for this book group!!! the bestest luck and i wish you great success!!!

peace and love

Sandra said...

Love that list. It made me feel cozy just reading about all the support you turn to when steppin' out.

D said...

believing in yourself and trusting that you can bare the results either way is a great thing to know.

thanks for sharing this post.

Ananda said...

jamie, rock it. write the press release. i see you doing more than you can imagine. the field of possibilities is wide open. sending you the three i's - inspiration, intuitive, and innergy. peace and joy, ananda

Lissa said...

1.If we lived near each other
2. & I was brave enough,
3. I would take you to karoake
4. I would sing to you
5. In my tone deaf voice
6. All those sappy,crazy songs
7. to let you know how much
8.You "light up my life"
9. You get me on the "Groove Line"
10. & off the "Bouleveard of Broken Dreams"

Another week of inspiration!Let the world know! For if you build it, they will come.

laundrygirl said...

Such a good list!

Becci said...

Oh yes, I love your list and identified with a bunch of your thoiughts! :-)

Have you ever considered submitting your blog to Stampington and Company's "The Artful Blogger"?

Have a great hair day! Becci