Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Joy of Receiving

Every day I feel blessed by being in such a beautiful blogging community. Today especially so. Recently I was lucky enough to win a giveaway from Jennlui at A Trinket Treasury. It arrived today, right in time for the holidays, and what a joy it was to receive.

I knew that what Jennlui created was beautiful when I entered the giveaway but what I didn't grasp until I was unwrapping was its magic and its sacredness. As I opened each beautifully wrapped portion, I was delighted to find what lay within. First this shell filled with sage. I sat there with it under my nose for several minutes enjoying.

And then these beautiful pieces revealed themselves. And another package besides. I delighted in every piece and was so moved by the act of placing them on the shell, in my own unique way. Like Jennlui and I were creating an altar together, a shared sacredness, a celebration. I will treaure this gift. It's on my desk so that I can be inspired as I encourage others to find their goddess within. Thank you, Jennlui.


Her Speak said...

Isn't she just a Peach? Something very very sacred about her stones and shells. What a beautiful treat!

Many Blissings~*

traveler one said...

That's beautiful Jamie! Do you know any interesting shops in Toronto to buy sage and other magical things?

Kavindra said...

That is beautiful. Congrats on winning.

I bought something from an artist at Etsy who wrapped with the same care and added little extra surprises and wrote a gorgeous message for me ... and it was so amazing how much it touched me.

Those random acts of kindness really really rock

And I love the colors, so purple and the pink shell...

Dia said...

These are so sweet, sacred, beautiful! What a fun giftie to receive!

& aren't the little 'extra' touches delightful? Love the sense of interconnection that comes with attention.

jennlui said...

oh yay yay yay!!!! i am SO very happy that you enjoyed my treasure package!!! yay yay yay!!! thank you jamie for your beautiful beautiful words. they mean so much. i am overjoyed that you had so much fun unraveling it all and had such a meditative time placing them on your desk. thank YOU for being such a fabulous receiver!!! hee hee!!!

have a very magically merry week!!!
peace and love

peppylady said...

Your right I met a lot of fine bloggers out there and your one of them.
I have to say what a beautiful mask you won.

Coffee is on.

Ali said...

what a wonderful package of goodies :-)

Genie Sea said...

Ah! Jennlui is the Trinket Faerie. The Angel of huge delights in little packages. She is a gem. :)

Tori said...

That is a beautiful gift! You deserve it. Congrats!

Serena said...

OH, such a meaningful and precious gift to celebrate the Goddess that you are, Jamie ~ congratulations!

love, light and peace,