Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Soul Coaching Day 25: Awakening the Natural Forces within You

When I was a little girl, my mom let me go to sleep when I was tired and eat when I was hungry. I think that was at the heart of my learning to be in tune with my natural rhythms. Of course, when I was in public school I asked my mom for a bedtime because all the other kids had them. She asked me what time I wanted. I said, "8:00." She said, "Okay." I guess that was the beginning of me setting my own schedule.

A big part of the reason that I decided to work for myself was so that I could follow my own rhythms - in my day, my week, my year. Tuning into and following my own energies and the energy of the season makes me feel more alive.

Today, on this cold, wet, grey, grey, grey, November day, it was a joy to be cozy, inside, chatting with people over coffee and imagining our hopes and dreams for the upcoming year. That was the rhythm of my day.


Fatma said...

Mmmh, a cold November day is so right for a day inside. How blessed are those of us who are self employed to be able to follow our own rhythms. May it become a possiblitly for everyone.

Your day sounds sooo good!

todayandeveryday said...

I agree, you do feel more alive when you follow your own energy and that of the season. It is nice that you can work for yourself. What a luxury.

gemma said...

Oh you are so fortunate to be able to go with the natural ebb and flow
of your life.
Alot of wierd stuff happened to me today. One thing, a flock of low flying birds were in front of me as I was driving. They turned down my street and I followed them to my home.Really felt like I was going with the flow....later in the day also driving...the car broke down. ACK!
What kind of flow is that?

Genie Sea said...

Sounds like a heavenly rhythm to me! That's the thing I love most about holidays. Honoring my own rhythm of time and space. Thank you so much fore the perspective Jamie :)

Her Speak said...

There is lots of talk about rhythm floating around the blogosphere today! Very interesting indeed. It's marvelous you are able to coincide with your own ebb--that you manage to be in tune with your own lilt and find a beautiful harmony.

Such wonderful music!

megg said...

you inspire me again! I know that I work best in the morning - that creativity flows! But getting up and going to work wastes that precious energy... earlier to rise next week I think!

Did you know that now whenever I think of dancing (or rhythm) I think of YOU! Every time! Isn't that a nice legacy!?!

Sacred Suzie said...

Mom was amazing that way. I think it's why I was so resistant to schedules because we were given so much freedom which I see as a blessing. I love that your schedule and structure revolves around listen to your person rhythm and spending time chatting, hoping and dreaming. What a beautiful life Jamie!

I know that when I get over schedules I get all freaky like. I much prefer to just do what I want. But then I've always been that way! I'm very grateful for this freedom.

Bohemian Single Mom said...

How cool is that?
I think it's suffocating and very uncreative to place too much structure in our kids lives.
Your mom is super smart and rocks!