Saturday, November 15, 2008

Project 365 ~ Week 46

Last Saturday Justin & I went through our pots and pans, clearing out some and buying a couple of new pieces. Now, I really can't wait to replace that tile!

I had a wonderful time making my Soul Collage.
Sunday we did some fall cleaning up in the yard.

Working from home, I find I share a desk with Jinx.
On Tuesday I had a wonderful coffee with Tara. Tara's my first RL friend I met from being on Twitter!

Wednesday night Justin was so sweet and took me too and from Nia.

Thursday was my first of many Studio Days.
Friday it was such a treat to have a coffee with my friend Annabel and then spend a couple of additional hours sitting and planning for my business and also researching some possibilities for the next Next Chapter!

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Friday if it didn't end with a great outing with Shannon. We had a great dinner out and the pleasure of seeing Twelve, which I wrote about here.

All of it was supported and surrounded by the element of water, which we're exploring with Soul Coaching. What a fabulous week.

Project 365 is my attempt to capture a year in my life through a photograph a day. On Saturday's I'll post the week's pics. At the end of the year, I'll create a video of all these precious moments. Feel free to participate at any time. Yours can be Project 347 or Project 292. It's up to you.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Oh that vid of Jinx is just the cutest!!! purr purr purr what a sweetie.

Looks like another fun filled connecting lively week! Yay!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Fantastic and OMG I agree, that vid of Jynx was so cute! Oh how I miss you all. Are those the pots you bought Jamie?! I love them! I personally will always choose stainless steel, it's so pretty. Doh, that sounded ditsy!