Saturday, September 13, 2008

Project 365 ~ Week 32

For ages I've thought about getting one of these salt crystal lamps. Apparently they give off good-for-you negative ions. I won't attest to the science and I've never found them particularly attractive, but I do find that the air is fresh when I've been around them. Last weekend we bought one, and you know, I've come to like the look very much. It creates a vibrant, inviting glow in the room.

It's time to start cleaning up the garden. This week I had a treat finding the last of this season's raspberries.
I have spent a lot of time this week working at my computer. At least I have good company.

I enjoy little vignettes. The photo is a gift from my dear friend Vern. The shiny piggy bank is a a gift too. It's attracting abundance every day.

Nia season started. We're in a lovely new studio. Just for the night we tossed aside "getting it right" and decided to get our groove on instead.

Thursdays are market day. It's amazing how having a market close by can start to tune you into the seasons. The fruits and flowers are changing as we come to the end of the summer. Everything was so good I didn't know what to eat first!

And Friday night I magically balanced a light on my nose while attending 2 TIFF films with the Movie Moxie. We saw the fabulous Canadian Zombie flick Pontypool (yes, it is Canadian, about zombies and good, hehe) and the fascinating Achilles and the Tortoise. Both films were good but they didn't beat my juggling act ;)

Project 365 is my attempt to capture a year in my life through a photograph a day. On Saturday's I'll post the week's pics. At the end of the year, I'll create a video of all these precious moments. Feel free to participate at any time. Yours can be Project 347 or Project 292. It's up to you.


Sacred Suzie said...

R loves those lamps too! I've never noticed the air before around them, I will have to pay attention next time.

Oh look at those raspberries, yummy! I only got a couple this summer, maybe next summer I will get more.

Jinx is just the cutest!

Yay to manifesting abundance and wow, love the studio and you look rockin' Jamie.

Yummies at the market and zombies at the movies, just another fall day in Toronto. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

The raspberries look delicious! When we were little girls my sister and I picked raspberries from the bushes at my grandma house.

Wendy said...

I always wondered about those lamps. And I like the way they look.
Your raspberries look soooo yummy.
Enjoy your summer fruit - it all looks delicious (even the flowers) LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am hearing a lot about Nia.. I don't think that we have this in the UK. But it really does sound very liberating :-)

Crayons said...

Hi Starshyne,
Thanks for sharing these images from your week. I especially liked the ion lantern and the fluffy kitty and the image of you balancing a light on your nose. Whimsical and grateful at the same time.

Tammy said...

Your lamp looks very much like the one we have! We (mike and I both) really love it. I have noticed we don't use it much in the summer, but now that fall is coming on, we've had it on more! :) I love the last picture of the light on your nose! :)