Saturday, September 06, 2008

Project 365 ~ Week 30

This week we celebrated Justin's birthday. You can read about our adventures here.

We've made so much progress on the house. This week we went to Home Depot and asked whether the $2700 quote to replace the front door was reasonable!

And Monday the painting of the front of our house is done (except the door)! I should have taken a before picture but the peach walls and green trim were too hideous to bear (though someone must have really liked it at one time)

Sometimes it is so great to just spend a day at home and catch up on household chores.

I went out viewing dance studios. I'm planning to host a dance event - 2 hours of music on an iPod, a space and room to dance. I'm looking for an affordable, accessible, central location that would be a joy to dance in.

Then TIFF began and Shannon, Justin and I went out for Midnight Madness. We saw JCVD, which was interesting, suspenseful and had a surprisingly good performance from Jean-Claude Van Damme as himself. For coverage (including cool, new vlogs) of the entire festival, check out Shannon the Movie Moxie.

And one of the best home improvements is that we went from a cracked concrete driveway to this lovely stone. It's a little warmer and brighter than Justin and I would normally choose but goes well with the house and is such a vast improvement that I keep peeking out the front window to see it again!

Lol, doesn't it look like the police are coming to get Shannon? Maybe they're just coming to keep her fans away! When we saw them walking down this pathway I totally thought they needed some theme music. Shannon and I saw an amazing Canadian film at TIFF last night, C'est pas mois, je le jure. I'll leave you with the trailer. there's no subtitles, but I think you definitely get the vibe. Enjoy!


Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so curious Jamie, what did Home Depot say? Sounds crazy to me!

Oh the colours for your home are PERFECT! I can't believe I get a sneak peak before I visit. The paint and the driveway changes completely change the look, I would not have recognized it. Awesome!

Yay to clean dishes!

I hope I can dance with you when I visit, I am doing Nia for sure and maybe you'll have a dance party then too? :)

Woohoo to getting out with the Movie Moxie at TIFF, that rocks.

God that driveway looks amazing, I gotta show R, he'll love it. I think the colours there are perfect too.


danette said...

I do remember the peach. Your new colour looks beautiful! And what a difference that driveway makes. It must be so rewarding to get to admire the changes every time you leave, and every time you come home.


Shannon the Movie Moxie said...

Wow, the house looks awesome! I can't wait to see it for realz.

The pic you took at the Ryerson looks awesome! Mine came out really fuzzy of the crowd. OH my that does look like the cops coming to get me - eep!

What a fantastic week so far. Oh my, is it already posting 365 time? Where does the time go? One day at a time I suppose!

Anonymous said...

The colours that you've chosen for your home are lovely :-)

pink sky said...

love to watch the fullness of your life unfolding! thanks for continuing to share your amazing project.

daisies said...

your house looks so beautiful!! :)

so what did home depot say? we need to replace our front door too but are thinking we will replace the front and back storms for now ...