Sunday, August 31, 2008

Justin's Birthday

Yesterday was Justin's birthday, so we started the day by going out for breakfast. Justin brought along his new toy.

Justin having his own camera means that we'll have a lot more pictures like this:
Afterwards I introduced Justin to my tree friend. Yes, I made him come stand under it with me.

Then we went to the beach. I found some great rocks!

And then we went to Hellboy II, um, which was far less great than the rocks.

We went to Julie's Cuban Restaurant for dinner.
The food was great. The mojitos too. And the atmosphere on the patio perfect for an end-of-summer evening. When I made a reserveration, I asked for a lovely table because it was Justin's birthday. They treated us so beautifully and even treated Justin to this surprise:

Thanks Julie's Cuban Restaurant! and the nice surprises continued. We decided to walk along College to the subway and stumbled upon the Italian-Canadian Song Fest. There were tons of people. It was lively and lovely and a real treat because when we first met, I was living in this neighbourhood. We have so many good memories here.

And now we have one more.


danette said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Justin!

What a gorgeous day you guys had, and Jamie, you look so freaking beautiful in those photos. Thank god Justin has a camera to capture it all from his perspective.

I love that you two have that special ritual of sharing each other's birthdays together.

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh that is just the cutest most beautiful birthday post ever! I love that last pi of you Jamie, could you be more glamourous and gorgeous?!

Happy Birthday Justin! It looks like you had a fantastic day out filled with so many different wonderful places to go.

I am very happy with his pics of you so far Jamie, they're great!