Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Inspiration

I'm finding the Olympics deeply inspiring this year. I am learning so much from the Olympians.

Breaking Through Fear & Negativity

Listening to heptathelete Jessica Zelinka talk about working through all those negative thoughts in her head, all the doubts, fears and worries, and getting to the work inspired me greatly. A lightbulb went off and I realized that no matter your level of achivement, you will always be dealing with that gremlin and their demoralizing messages. No matter what you do, those voices are going to be with you. And for some reason, now that I really get that, I feel freed. Those voices aren't going anywhere and I simply don't have to listen to them. I can let them shut me down or I can get on in spite of them. Basically, I can give in to them or I can get over them.

I'm choosing to stop listening to negative chatter and get on with it. How about you?


Sacred Suzie said...

Woohoo! You know, I'm not a fan of the Olympics and never have but that video made me see it in a totally different light. R is going to LOVE that Jamie! Thank you.

That is such an interesting point and so true, if the best athletes in the world still struggle with insecurities then it is going to be a part of life for everyone. I for one no longer want to listen to negative chatter.

Crayons said...

You make such a good point here, and as always, with a great economy of words. I appreciate that.

I, too, am inspired this year. I don't see it as a completely competitive event. It is more like a chance to shine your brightest light.

I try to calm my bitter, negative voice, but then I hear Sonia Choquette telling me to follow my intuitive voice. So it's confusing.

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

Hey, Thanks for your comment on my dreamboard! I too love the olympics and am always inspired by the athletes, and their stories...the long road to get where they are, and the struggles they have had to overcome.
Also love that the whole world can come together in peace! why can't we do that all the time??
be well!

Romana Mirza said...

yes! Yes! YES! That's the spirit! Maybe there is one part of my life that is being held back by negative chatter and I don't now it, but every other part - forget about it! Life is this: live for the moment now and for the future - the future is perfect. Negative chatter needs to be embraced and set aside. We've got better things to do!