Monday, June 09, 2008

Meeting Jenn!

This weekend I was so blessed with the opportunity to meet Jenn from Life Unfolds. Jenn was in Toronto (well, kind of in Toronto) as a leader for the Coaches Training Institute's (where she and I both trained as coaches) Quest Program. And we managed to have dinner together which was such a treat!

Jenn and I met as fellow members of a Creative Artist Coaches discussion group. She had some beautiful art up on the homepage and so I reached out and told her how much I enjoyed her work. Before we knew it we were fast friends connecting regularly about our aspirations and our work. We even recently collaborated on a proposal to share our take on the emerging discipline of Expressive Arts Coaching. Amazing things can happen when you connect!

And connecting with Jenn has always been a treat. She's honest and playful and so inspiring in how she gets out there in the world to share her gifts - of which she has many. One of the things I admire about Jenn is her relationship with beauty. Beauty surrounds and is created by Jenn. Her blog is beautiful, her website, her dreamboxes. She showed me her flyer and I got teary. Yep, I cried. Jenn's spirit is beautiful and that comes through in all that she does. It's a wonder to see.

And Jenn has a new ebook out called the Right-Brain Business Plan. For us creative types running our own business, this is a new way to think about planning. You can check it out and download it here.

Do you remember last year when I decided that I wasn't going to "network," I was going to meet interesting people? This is what can happen. You can find new and wonderful friends who can make a difference in your life and your work. I reached out to Jenn. Who will you reach out and connect to?


Sacred Suzie said...

Woohoo! That rocks Jamie, I am so glad that you made this fabulous connection that has really impacted you as a person and a professional on a deep level. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks for introducing us to Jenn!

Melba said...

How fun it must have been to meet up!

Yes I love your way of phrasing "meeting new people".
I was just thinking about a way to reach out to people who might like to participate in Blogging Creating in the Midst this summer.
words like "marketing" & "promoting" always feel so pushy. I am going to think about a way to re-prhase it all in my head.
thank you for the idea!

Romana Mirza said...

Jamie, thank you for sharing the beauty of this connection. Networking is so important, and so few people reach out and just do it. Those that do share a wonderful secret and joy. Romana