Friday, May 09, 2008

Inspiration... from Shaun McNiff

"Creativity exists everywhere as potential energy, always inviting us to participate. Yet most people stand on the sidelines while only a few participate. The more we watch, the further removed we become. Contemplation without action breeds paralysis. Ours is a culture of onlookers, spectators who are keenly observant and full of critique but removed from action. We think in terms of the 'creative few' as contrasted to the rest of us... It is safer to blend in. Creative types are all too often seen as living on the fringes of life and this perception threatens our universal desire to be socially accepted and included.

A change in the general perception of creativity may be the most viable way of expanding participation. Rather than focusing on what you do not have or what you are not capable of doing, concentrate on what is uniquely yours. Find the creative vitality and opportunities in the community were you live, the school you attend or the place that you work and do something about it. Creativity is everywhere, ready to be engaged."

Shaun McNiff
Creating with Others

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Sacred Suzie said...

"Contemplation without action breeds paralysis."

This is exactly what happens to me! I have all of these ideas and then have no idea where to begin and little gets done.

When I do start creating my metabolic rates goes through the roof and I get the hungries which I try to fend off with water. I also only want to be creative when I have hours of time because when I go, I REALLY go! Making jewellery and designing it is a very long process for me which might be one of the reasons why I fall into that paralysis mode. Fascinating!