Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Isabel Project

One of the things I absolutely love about blogging is the plethora of cool things that you can participate in (not to mention any opportunity to use the word 'plethora' is cool too). Mary Ann at Follow Your Bliss has a niece in grade 5 who got the neatest school project - to get a journal and have it travel around the world. So Mary Ann reached out to the blogging community and people from all over volunteered to receive the journal, write a bit about themselves and their city and then send it to the next person.
Above you can see the quintessential Canadian map. It looks like it could have been straight out of my public school textbook! And of course, you can't talk about Toronto without talking about the CN Tower. Actually, it was really interesting to think about my city from this perspective. What did I want to share with a young girl about Toronto and about Canada?
I shared what a big city this is and how there's always something going on - plays and concerts and parades and festivals - and how people from all over the world decide to make Toronto their home. Of course I had to say that even though we're north of the US we don't have snow all the time, all live in igloos or travel to work/school on skiis. However I did send a picture of me going down by the lake in the dead of winter on a snowy day, so I guess we are a little crazy.
It was just a cool opportunity to share and remember why I like where I live.


Dan said...

Wow! What a cool idea! That is going to be one amazing journal! Definitely need to show off the CN Tower too (I almost forget it's there sometimes, but kids especially go gaga for it).

Jenn said...

What an awesome idea! Love it! Ha, reminds me of a project we did in elementary school where we wrote our name and school address on a postcard, tied it to a helium filled balloon and let them float away into the sky. We asked whoever found the balloons and postcards to send them back so we could see how far the balloons traveled.

Sacred Suzie said...

I'm so impressed it got to you and what a fab job you have done contributing to the journal Jamie! I love it! Yes, the CN Tower is definitely a Toronto landmark but there is so much to say about that city and your fantastic life there.

firstborn said...

i am overwhelmed with love, gratitude & joy jamie!

thank you xoxoxoxoxoxoxo mary ann

jo said...

Hi, Jaime!!! Oh my goodness...I am Mary Ann's sister, Jo and one of Isabel's Aunties. Your pages are amazing + beautiful!!!!

Words can not fully express the extreme gratefulness I have towards all of the creative and inspiring people that have truly taken the time to create an abundance of knowledge from their part of the world. I could only imagine that every single page is filled with genuine thoughtfulness and pieces of so many creative hearts and soules.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank all of the artists/designers and kindred spirits for creating such a valuable treasure that our lil' neice will be so fortunate to experience the true meaning of kindness and to share the wisdom of all of your hearts with her school and our Village... Eternally grateful, xoxo Jo, Gail (Mom of Isabel) and Isabel ;)

(PS I'm so glad to have found you through my sis, Mary Ann. Your blogs are simply quite fascinating and absolutely inspiring!)

daisies said...

what an absolutely cool idea ... how beautiful :)