Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DIY Book Club

I am absolutely loving my DIY Book Club. I put aside $10 a week and at the end of the month I spend it on books/movies/music of my choice. So far I've managed to get 1 of each almost every time.

By talking about this in the blogosphere I do realize that my weakness for dance movies has been revealed. And this month's selection of Stand and Deliver (and last month's Roll Bounce) reveals that my fondness for "believe in yourself, rise above the odds" films extends beyond the dance genre. I am powerfully moved by stories of transformation, whether it's renovating a house, redesigning your wardrobe or redefining yourself.

How to Run a Great Workshop I hope will be an inspiration and give me some great ideas as I continue to move in this direction with my work. I am passionate about creating transformational experiences for people!

And you know, I can't actually remember how Rosie Thomas came across my radar but I've had the name of an older album of hers written down for months. When researching what I might pick this time, I came across this new album and had a bit of a listen on her site and it just felt right. When looking for something to share with you from her there was nothing from this new cd. But I did find this and hope it touches you as deeply as it touched me. Enjoy.


Shannon said...

Rock on for the DIY Bookclub! I love that you got Stand and Deliver, man... I haven't seen that one in years! Hurray for inspirational teacher stories!

I think I goofed on my DIY club and ordered Aprils' early and it came in March - wah!

Sacred Suzie said...

You love DANCE movies? No way! LOL. You got me addicted way back when, hahaha. I think it's a beautiful element of your personality Jamie. That book looks like it was made for you and that song! OMG, she's wonderful. I love that style of music, it's my favourite.

I try and do the same thing although not quite so organized. I just make an amazon order every now and then to infuse my life with newness. Thanks for the intro to Rosie, she's lovely.

Shannon said...

OMG that video was unbelievable! Did someone secretly videotape our family and make it into that? So familiar in so many ways.