Monday, February 04, 2008

My Name Is...

In expressive arts therapy class today we worked with spoken word. It's amazing how the simplest thing can be compelling, touching, revealing, funny. We shared stories about their names. We created word poems with the colours we felt today. We created sculptures to express concepts and ideas. We shared. Let me share with you what I wrote about my name.

My name is...
My name is Jamie. My parents each independently chose it as their favourite name for a girl, perhaps one of the only things they ever agreed on. No one else ever had my name. It was mine, mine, mine.

Except the Bionic Woman, but she was cool.

And a Barbie doll made in the 70s, but she had a dog, and I wanted a dog, so she was cool.

I guess because no one ever had my name, I didn't need a last one. I was free of my clan, not tied to men's names. I didn't change my last name when I was married. It didn't matter much because I am Jamie. I am always Jamie.

No short forms.

No nicknames.

Well, my husband calls me little acorn, but that's not connected.

I'm Jamie.
I'm Ja-mie.
That's me.

What's the story of your name? I know Jana shared her story recently.
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Jana B said...

I love reading about your name!!!! How cool that you love your name and identify with it so strongly! :)

Shannon said...

What a great post, I really enjoyed reading it! yay for names and for names that are really are who we are! yay!

Great pic btw :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Little Acorn?! I LOVE that! So sweet and powerful. What a fun post to read and just like you're name, you're a total original. Can I tell you how envious I am that the Bionic Woman has your name?!

freebird said...

My name is Timaree and there are a few out there. I don't mind my niece Timaree whose mother is Tena having my name since I gave my daughter the name Tena. Yeah, we have fun with whose who. But someone got my name for their license plate before my niece or I could! Hmmph!
My son was called Jamie till he decided he was too old for it and became James, not Jim but just James.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to use and old nickname in my other post. yes you will always be Jamie. many fond memories go with that name and much sorrow as to time i have let pass since i last spoke the name.


Marilyn said...

A confession...I HATED my name when I was younger. I wanted a name that ended in an "ee" sound...a name like yours. :) I'm still not crazy about my name...but I've made peace with it. My maternal grandmother refused to call me by my name for the first few years of my life. She wanted my mother to name me all of my cards were addressed to Lynnie until I was about 4. And truth be told, I've always secretly thought of the REAL me as Lynnie. :) "Marilyn" has always felt heavy to me..."Lynnie" has always felt light. (I don't know why! Ha!)

P.S. Great photo!