Thursday, January 03, 2008

Project 365

Yes, I've gone video crazy. It all started when Marilyn sent me a link to this video of Bev's. I thought it was an absolutely brilliant way to capture a year. So I've decided to do exactly that for 2008. Hence, Project 365.

For each of the year's 365 days I'm going to capture a representative picture and at the end of the year put them together in a little slide show. To get prepped and figure out how to do it, I used Windows Movie Maker to create the above ode to my December.

Please feel free to join me in Project 365. To keep motivated and on track, I'll be posting my week's pictures on Saturdays. Join in any time. You can always make it Project 279 or Project 17. No matter how long you participate, you'll capture a moment unique moment in your precious life.

Note: Special thanks to Shannon for the Studio picture.


Melba said...

The house is quite and it has been so nice to catch up with you ~ to see your smiling face, your celebrations, your kitty, your cookies, your plans, your goals, and your dreams.
You are so inspiring!
I am so looking forward to the MORE of 2008 that I know will happen for us both!
Keep dreaming and playing and dancing and being YOU!
You are loved!

Shannon said...

What an excellent idea Jamie! I loved getting to see your December and look forward to Project 365 and the Saturday postings! YAY!

Marilyn said...

I posted on my blog yesterday that I plan to do a 366 project and created a Flickr set for it. That should make it easier to do a video at the end of the year. Are you going to post the daily photos? Or just save them up for one massive video at the end of the year? :)

daisies said...

oh how marvelous ~ a couple of days ago, i posted a video of a representation of my photos over 2007 ... since i generally take at least one photo a day, i'm definitely going to do it again next year :)

i can't wait to see yours ~ your december's photos in video is so fantastic :) xox

Tammy said...

Hi Jamie! I had decided to do this as well! :) I'm posting daily when I can and will post a photo for each day even if I can't get them up daily. I have my flickr set up to catch them all into one group as well. I love the idea of a slide show at the end of the year as well!! Fun stuff!!

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh, so wonderful Jamie! I loved seeing the pictures. It's interesting to see that you got so much celebration time in with friends and family but also those quiet peaceful moments alone. I love the 365 day project idea. I don't think I have any of that software though but maybe if we get a new computer!

Perfect music, absolutely perfect and so well done.

Loes said...

How inspiring! I simply love the idea and am definitely going to participate. What's the name of the song you used for your video? It was enchanting!