Friday, January 18, 2008

101 Things in 1001 Days #53 ~ Go to a Comedy Club

Tonight Shannon and I went to Globehead, an improv tournament at the Bad Dog Theatre Company here in Toronto. What a blast! The small theatre was jampacked with energy and the good vibes of people enjoying the wild surprises of improv. Teams competed against each other and as an audience member you get to have your say in the outcome. The two teams that won were fantastic.

If you're in Toronto and you want a great night of entertainment the Globehead tournament continues tomorrow night and next weekend. It's a steal at $10.

All that and I get to say yay, I completed another of my 101 list too!


Marilyn said...

Had you never been to see comedy before?! I forget that that's not high on a lot of people's lists of things to do. :) I used to go to see a LOT of comedy when I lived in San's one of the things I miss about city life...but then, it was right in the heydey of the city's comedy life. Portland only had (probably still) one comedy club...and the acts weren't that my snobby standards...ha! Still haven't been to one of the comedy clubs in Sacramento (only 15 min. away)...but my brother and sister-in-law go on a fairly regular basis. BUT (I just remembered) a restaurant about 2 blocks away has comedy night twice a month (for only $5)...and I STILL haven't gone.'s official...I am SERIOUSLY lazy.

Jessie said...

I think it's so cool how much you and your sister do together. I'm glad to hear that you had fun. And I love the name of the theater! :)

Shannon said...

This was soooooooooooooo much fun, I always worry at first if there will be some kind of 'interaction', lol. Thanks so much for inviting me I needed the giggles!