Monday, December 10, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 37

Principle 37 of Jack Canfield's Success Principles is stay motivated with the masters. In this chapter Canfield suggests that every day we tap into the wisdom of successful experts by listening to audio programs. He particularly advocates this as a useful way to spend your driving time, pointing out you could learn a language in the time it's taking you to commute.

I have to admit that re-reading this chapter I felt it was a bit of a pitch for products, but I do think there's a key message in here for all of us. Surrounding ourselves with positive messages and useful information is a key strategy for success. Immersing ourselves in our interests and becoming experts in our dreams and how to achieve them is a valuable way to spend our time. We may do that by listening to audio programs, reading books, subscribing to relevant magazines, watching films, documentaries, programming that inspires and motivates us.

I can share a coupl e of great resources for inspiration and motivation. Hay House Radio has lots of motivational programing that you can listen to online for free. You can find them at And the Ted Talks really get you thinking. Check them out here:

The key here is to surround ourselves with messages of inspiration and success. Where do you go for yours?


Sacred Suzie said...

You have a sconce?! It's GORGEOUS! Oh I just love it Jamie. Your world is so artsy, fantastical, professional and full of love. That's what I get from the picture.

OK, what's an audio program? I'm assuming this is an ipod thing? I love Hay House! I used to listen there a lot. I think I prefer YouTube, I'm not a good listener but I'm sure he would think that's OK too although I don't know how much would be out there of this kind of thing.

Shannon said...

I come here :)

chocolate covered musings said...

definitely hayhouse. and i've been listening to some stuff i purchased from audible today. wonderful!

Fiona said... is great too. I was listening to a talk while moving myself from London to stay with my mum before moving over to Spain to start new life. The talk was about how our minds keep us tortured and out of "multi-diminsional reality". As I was driving I saw one rainbow, then two. The road was lined with young, bare-boned, bronze trees that started to burn against the slate storm sky that was getting darker and darker. And then in just started to rain, huge drops of rain and the moment was over. Audio from the internet has absolutely made driving so much more enjoyable for me. I used to find it so frustrating because I couldn't read. And its lovely being read to! Another motoring tip is that I make CDs of really good mood enhancing music. For me it has to be soothing and stimulating at the same time. I chose the music so well, that my car now has become a trigger and when I get in it I feel happy and calm and at home!

Jessie said...

Hey Birthday Girl!! :) Sorry I missed your day. Mine was yesterday. I think I knew that we had very close birthdays, but I think I forgot. Oh yeah...but now I remember and, you know, I think this is one of the things I feel a kinship with you about. I think I feel an ease or an understanding of your Sagittarian nature. ;)

Wanna know my favorite part of THIS post?
"Immersing ourselves in our interests and becoming experts in our dreams and how to achieve them is a valuable way to spend our time. "

Oh, YES! Thank you for these wonderful words. I think I'm going to add them to my "vision" board which is quickly morphing into my "inspiration board."

Speaking of know what I did on my birthday?? I made a box to hold all of my dreams (similar to the one you made). Honestly, it was the best part of my day. Thank you for being such an endless supply of inspiration for me.

I love ya, Jamie!

I also love your new Circe's Circle badge! :)

Dublin City Girl said...

I find most of my inspiration messages in books and magazines or from people around me. Thanks for the link to Hayhouse Radio! I checked it out today and downloaded some inspirational shows straight away :0)

Carmen said...

I love hayhouse!!!
I listened to it everyday, It is a sweet addiction.
I have posted about it in my blog too. I guess I should remind my readers again about it.