Monday, December 31, 2007

December Views ~ Dec 30

Perhaps the corniest thing ever but oh, so fun, a Coronation Street special with some of the actors singing.
Time to start visioning for 2008. This is how it always begins for me - a big piece of paper, markers and a cup of tea.
I've decided to create some vision cards (more about that in the next couple of days) and wanted to try painting them. That didn't work for me but inspired me to try painting these styrofoam balls that are going to be a part of my Wishcasting performance (more about that to come too).
Moving from lists to cards.

The creative mess that indicates the process is still going on! I hope to finish my cards in the next couple of days.


Scarlett said...

What a FABULOUS mess!! hehehe, this reminds me of me! big time!

have tons of fun, and happy new year to you! (thought i would finally say hello!)

2008 is gonna be GREAT!

Shannon said...

That last picture rocks! I recognize it very well. Yay to creative process!

Jessie said...

Happy New Year to you Jamie!

I love seeing your creative side in action. The painted journal paper, the collage (beautiful) mess, the Styrofoam balls (that, btw, make really interesting paint marks), your kitty keeping your feet warm and you knit...yes! I love it! :)

And I can't wait to see and read more about your visions cards. Because of you I created a wish box several weeks ago. The latest wish that I added to it was to finish my thesis by December 31st--and today I made that wish come true! After TWO years of working on that thing! And, in some weird and wonderful way, you helped me to accomplish that goal by sheer inspiration alone.

I look forward to Circe's Circle in 2008. May many wonderful things happen for all of us!

love you,

Sacred Suzie said...

I love the sound of all your mysterious projects and adore seeing your creative process. I can't wait to find out more Jamie!

Marilyn said...

Happy New Year, Jamie! Thanks for all the inspiration you gave me in '07. Can't wait to see what '08 will bring for you...and where you'll be headed with Wishcasting. xoxo