Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December Views ~ Dec 11 ~ a regular day

Meeting someone for coffee on a wet winter's day.

A little bit of Christmas shopping. I love that the holidays provide an excuse for sparkle.

Don't forget that a really great holiday means you get to sparkle too.

Justin and I have been having fun working our way through the recipes in an issue of Everyday Food. So far everything's been a hit.

One of my favourite things is that we cook together. It's such a great way to reconnect at the end of the day, chatting while we chop and stir.

Have I mentioned that my cat Jinx is a bit of a stalker? Here she is keeping me company while I work on the computer.

And here she is waiting for me to get upstairs. Um, this is immediately after the picture above.

I came upstairs to spend some time journalling.

Jinx had other ideas.

After a bit of a cuddle and Jinx settling into a chair, I managed to have a moment to write.

And psst, she's sitting on my lap right now as I write this. There is no escape from the Jinx-meister.


daisies said...

i love the sparkle and yummy blues ... and my hubby and i cook together too, i love that we have that time to unwind together and connect :)

tee hee .. jinx is sooo cute and so are you!! xox

Shannon said...

ohhh.. coffee....

I love that ... sparkley goodness! There is a lot of it out there but that is super cute!

Go Jinx go! Look how she wants to be with you ALL the time :) She is nothing if not persistent!

Leah said...

jinx is such a cutie!!! gotta love the head-push. :-)

Marilyn said...

I love that you're a household of J's...Jamie, Justin, Jinx. :) We 'should' give ourselves the right to be sparkly EVERY day! :)

PixieDust said...

My hubby and I love to cook, the best is when we have a family cooking day (myself, my hubby, and my daughter).

Jinx is adorable!


Jana B said...

James & I cooked together Monday, and it WAS nice. *happy sigh*

My Psychokitty used to be the same way... I'd read, and she'd lay on the book. I'd type, and she'd lay on my lap and attack my fingers. I'd cuddle her, she'd fall asleep... I'd go to do something else, she'd wake up, and we'd start the process over LOL