Thursday, November 01, 2007

NaBloPoMo ~ Let the madness begin!

Clearly at our house we don't have a problem letting the madness in. Check out Punky, this year's fabulous pumpkin! The antennae are still cracking me up! Who knew what you can create with orange bell peppers!

Now, it is a little weird starting off November's NaBloPoMo with what happened on October 31, but we had such a good time I want to celebrate it. Dinner turned out absolutely scrumptious. We made this fantastic parsnip twigs that are made by wrapping deliciously browned pieces of parsnip in 2 sheets of filo pastry, between which has been layered parmesan and cayenee. Ooooh, yum. Earthy and delicious. And mushroom risotto - whoa, I've never made it before and I can tell you I'll be making it many, many times because it's a real comfort food treat!

And one of the cool things about Halloween is that you never know what you'll see. I mean who knew there were dragons living in Toronto? But I've got the pics to prove it. You saw it here first!

And Halloween would not be complete without indulging in scary movies. We carved Punky and cooked while watching Constantine, which seems to be becoming a tradition. (Yes, in my family if you do it twice and liked it both times, that's a tradition!) And then we watched Cabin Fever, um, which was actually better than I expected. And finished off with The Reaping. I do have to say that I'm the scaredy cat and there's a fair amount of movies that are uh-oh, no-way, for me. But luckily last night they were a good mix.

Shannon, Justin and I had a fantastic night. It's over 10 years that we've been celebrating together. And we were able to connect with Suzie too because we especially miss her on nights like this.

Here's hoping you had a boo-tiful Halloween.


Shannon said...

Halloween was so awesome, thank you so much for hosting. Punky was such a great pumpkin - and the first time I think we've done a non scary one. I think he *thinks* he's scary, hehe.

The food was awesome too! Risotto is just divine!

Sacred Suzie said...

I love getting to also see your Halloween! Thank you so much for the phone call, that meant the world to me.

I love the look of your Halloween and that pumpkin ROCKS!

Big Halloween Hug!

Tammy said...

I LOVE the bell pepper antennae! So funky punky! :)

Patricia said...

What fun! Good friends and good food. Sounds perfectly delightful.

"..dragons in Toronto.." We live in the middle of 5 acres on a dead-end road. I might see interesting wildlife on a regular basis, but sadly no dragons or little ones pretending, either!

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful, love the pumpkin :) and mushroom risotto..mmmmmmm :P
i havn't seen dragons in Zagreb :( but maybe one day soon :) xoxo

Jana B said...

OMW you have an alien jack-o-lantern!!! *giggle* I LOVE the antennae!!! Punky is so cute!

Glad you had an awesome Halloween!