Sunday, November 18, 2007

Expressive Arts Surprises

This week my friend and colleague Jenn led a great call on the expressive arts and coaching. I'm so glad to have connected with Jenn because, well, one, she's a wonderful, creative, generous human being and two, because we're both deeply interested in developing this kind of work.

As some of you may know, coaching is very often done over the phone. So how can we incorporate creative work in that format? Jenn had us do a great exercise that involved moving and sounding and allowing ourselves to create on the page. What you see above is what came out of the exercise for me.

When I first created this, the lines were all of equal intensity, so the shape that you can more clearly see now was not visible. When I finished the scribble and looked at it, at first I saw nothing but chaos. Slowly as I looked at it, this figure emerged, a bit of a downtrodden figure. And then only later again did I see that this figure was protecting somthing, something that was beautiful to him.

This turned out to be really meaningful for me. The day had been incredibly chaotic and I was feeling a bit disheartened. Looking at this picture reminded me that a lot of the chaos in my life was just noise and busy-ness and that if I looked I could find where the meaning was and that maybe my own posture in the world right now was less downtrodden than it was protective.

It's amazing how such simple things can open up new ways of seeing yourself and the world.


Tammy said...

Jamie! I love reading about your expressive arts stuff!! I wouldn't be the artist I am today without having gone through art therapy! It's so important the work you're doing and learning to do for others!!

Marilyn said...

Wow. I'm blown away by what came out of your 'scribbling.' Really exciting stuff that you and Jenn are doing...and I look forward to hearing more about it.

Thursday's Child said...

This seems very much like automatic writing or other means by which one can delve into the subconscious.

This is interesting stuff!

Jessie said...

It seems like you are learning so much these days. I remember the post you published on your last day of work. You included a photo of a phone. How long ago was that? I'm not sure, but WOW!! You have grown and expanded in so many ways. It has been so incredible to witness your journey.

Love you,

Sacred Suzie said...

Really interesting stuff Jamie. I can see that figure too and yes, there is something wise to him and wonderful. What a fascinating process Jamie.

Jenn said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your drawing and insights. It's amazing what surfaces from exercises like that. I love how you found in the midst of all the busy-ness, something truly sacred to you.