Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The ABCs of Me

These meme post feels like a family thing for me. My sister Suzie tagged me. And this pic is one that my sister Shannon took of me when we were out at the pub celebrating. Feel free to play along! It's simple. Just share random facts about you that correspond with the alphabet. Getting to know you, Sesame Street style!

A... I have usually been an A student. Except for typing and my first year of physics.
B... Bascha, my beautiful, old girl of a cat.
C... Current Radiance (I'll write about that another day). Oh, and I really believe in celebrating.
D... Dance is in my spirit.
E... I have touched an elephant. I was surprised to find they are covered with coarse hair.
F... I'm more formal than most people that I know.
G... I got married on Groundhog Day (aka Imbolc).
H... Buying a house was one of the biggest goals I've attained so far.
I... I love life.
J... is or Jamie! And for Justin, my husband (we're J-squared). And my brother's Jason. Oh, and there's Jinx too.
K... One of my best friends in public school was named Karen Fowler. Are you out there Karen?
L... I feel incredibly lucky for all I've been blessed with.
M.. My dance teacher, Marjorie, was a profound influence on what I thought it meant to grow up as a woman.
N... Discovering Nia let my dancer out. Now, as a teacher, I help other people do the same.
O... I'm a little bit of an organization nut.
P... I walked away from my phD.
Q... I grew up in a small neighbourhood called Roxboro in Quebec.
R... Though I am a Ridler, I am not the Riddler. I'm saying that for those who teased me in public school.
S... My two sisters, Suzie and Shannon. Oh, and I want to mention I'm stubborn.
T... On occasion I still consider getting a tattoo.
U... I like to try and understand people, why we are who we are and do what we do.
V... When we were dating, my husband bought me a ring with a symbol on it that means volatile.
W...I have been ravamping my wardrobe for what feels like forever.
X...I'm studying X-pressive Arts Therapy. Okay, that's cheating a bit, eh?
Y...I always wonder why we do the things we do. (Yes, 2 cheats in a row)
Z...Going to the zoo is on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list.


Sacred Suzie said...

I love it! What a great way to participate in doing this, very out of the box but then again, this is Jamie we're talking about. Creative spirit galore! Thanks for doing this and for including me, that rocks. You are so inclusive, it's wonderful.

Shannon said...

Oh, I love yours!!! I had a little trouble with this one, I'm not sure why - I guess I'm outta the meme groove. I love all the J's and S's!! Somethings never change :)

Jessie said...

Oh, Jamie, I love this photo of you! And I love the one in the last post as well. You are so absolutely beautiful and your energy just EXUDES out of you! :)

I've been thinking about you a lot lately and am so thankful for the way you have helped me to redirect my perspective in such a positive way. I imagine that you are a truly WONDERFUL coach! Actually, I don't imagine it...I KNOW it! :)

Vedrana M. said...

wonderful ,i like your list :)

I AM said...

Oh my goodness!! My SUZIE and my JAMIE are sisters? Where the hell have I been, under a rock? How did I not know this????

p.s. wanted to let you know I went to Nia today. Wow, wow, and um, can I just say...Wow..