Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle #24

Jack Canfield's 24th success principle is exceed expectations. He provides examples of how going the extra mile can pay great dividends in lives and careers . His question for us is, "What could you accomplish if you were willing to go the extra mile, put in just a little extra effort, provide just a little more service? Are there circumstances in your life right now where you could do more, provide better value, overdeliver or improve on what is asked of you?"

Right now this principle is showing up for me as a reminder to practice extreme self-care. I know that may sound like the opposite, but it really isn't. In order to go above and beyond, be generous with my time and my self and to do so in a joyful way, it helps to be drawing on a well-nutured me rather than digging into energy reserves. For me this means being well-rested, healthy, full of vitality, creativity and confidence. When I'm nutured like that, I am excited to share, to go above and beyond.

What would support you in exceeding expectations?


Jessie said...

Jamie, I really like your take on this success principle. Like you, when I take time for myself and to do the things that fill me up from the inside out...when I do that, oh, sometimes I feel like I might just burst with love--for everyone! When I take time to do things like paint and walk and read a book while laying in my hammock...dang, all of a sudden I love people like my boss, our clients, even total strangers! Filling my reserves makes me want to help other people feel good too. I smile brighter, I have more energy, I go beyond just doing the bare minimum. I love your success principle posts so much! I don't ever want the book to end!!! :)- You are a constant inspiration and you always have a way of putting things in such a healthy perspective. I love that about you.

Shannon said...

This is a suggestion I hear again and again, and I do believe it makes a huge difference.

Taking the time to make sure you can do this, is a great way to work on it!

Jenn said...

Hey Jaime,

Okay, given our wonderful conversation today and then reading this... we are sooo on the same page, it's almost scary.

I just blogged on Saturday about taking mini-vacations on my hammock to recharge!

Hope you're taking some well deserved self-nurturing time!! :)

Anonymous said...

My answer?
Reading posts like these! :-)