Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Success Principles ~ Principle 22

Jack Canfield's Success Principle 22 is Practice Persistence. This one is going to be an essential tool along the way to your dreams. There will be discouraging days, rejections and losses. Persistence is about not letting those things stop you. Every step is a step closer.

I often think about how people discourage others from pursuing creative careers. But here's my perspective. Sure, there are many people who want to be actors/artists/(fill in the blank with your dream). And a lot of those people listen to the aforementioned advice and don't pursue this particular career. So by merely giving it a shot, you're ahead of all of those who gave up. The numbers just got better. And then if you learn your craft, you are ahead of many others. And then if you show up, you are again outpacing those who don't. Show up prepared and you have lept ahead once more. Throw in decent social skills and a good atitude and you're on fire! And we haven't even talked about talent!

Now, if you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I am not here to tell you to "tough it out." In fact quite the opposite. I'm going to encourage you to look for how to make the process of persistance as positive as possible. What will support you when the days get dark and the road seems full of obstacles? Sometimes you just need to take a break and have some fun, remembering that life is a joy and you are a gift no matter what that editor said. It's great to keep an Encouragement Journal, a place where you collect all the positive feedback you have received. When you're feeling discouraged, pull it out and remember there are people who see your brilliance, who love your smile. And most of all be gentle and loving with you. Let yourself get some rest. Take yourself for a walk. Eat something that nurtures your soul and your body. Journal your tears out. Have a cup of tea. Learn the rituals that make you feel loved. These are your tools on the journey. They willl support you in persisting towards your dreams.

PS: One of the things I love about this success principle is it provides such a positive frame for a quality that runs deeply in my family. Yes, that would be stubbornness.


Leah said...

great post my dear!! love it!

Shannon said...

YAY! The positive side of stubbornness! I knew it existed!

This really is a great one and I love that you aren't saying to tough it out, that totally rocks.

Jessie said...

oh, my dear, i couldn't agree with you more! :) now tell me...when you get to the end of these success principles, are you going to write a book of your own? i would like to buy a signed copy, please. ;)