Friday, August 03, 2007

Moving the Boo

Well, the big excitement of the past couple of days was getting Shannon moved into her new home. Her old place was fab but she had a great opportunity for a new one and she took it. Of course, the move happened to fall on the hottest day we've had so far - yowzers! Still Shannon and Gobo were happy to make the change.

It looks like Gobo's going to like his new home - check out the sunlight!

And though it was clearly an exhausting day, at the end we had the pleasure of knowing Shannon's in a great new space and yes, there is a cool place to go for beers nearby.


Shannon said...

Aww!! Those are great pics! Thanks so much for your help and support through the move. It truly was the freaking hottest day. Even if not temp wise I still will claim it's the hottest! But everything all moved now (YAY!) and lots to unpack!

Thanks again :)

Jessie said...

congratulations to shannon! i love the photos. you are such a good sis! :)

Tammy said...

Great photos! It's fun to see all of you!!

I sure hope Shannon and Gobo are happy in their new place! Looks like a great space!