Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I want to thank everyone for your comments to this week's Success Principle post, both online and off. Your responses were really inspiring and set me to thinking and exploring.

I loved Star's thoughts on exploring different sizes and formats and Melba's comment that she's interested in capturing her everyday visually but not with photographs and that Shannon likes the idea of collaging but not visualization. This really reinforces for me that we are all different and there must be so many unique ways of connecting each of us with our dreams. This is really inviting my imagination to play!

How creative can we get? How can you envisage your dream?

  • Write and then present a monologue expressing your reaction to the achievement of your dreams.
  • Cook a celebratory meal with each course representing one thing you want to accomplish.
  • Dance your deepest desire.
  • Sculpt clay figures of you achieving your goals.
  • Create a nursery rhyme that serves as a mantra for your dreams ("Jamie bought her dream house, her kitchen was white as snow. And everywhere that Jamie went, success was sure to go.")
  • Design the outfit that says "I am (insert who/what you want to be)" and wear it. (Definitely wear it to your soul-sucking, energy-draining job if you have one!)
Any other ideas?

And speaking of taking a novel approach, have you seen Keri Smith's new project, Wreck This Journal. I know that I can get very caught up in wanting a journal to be "just so," especially when it's a pretty one. This concept seems so liberating and fun! Check it out.


Julie said...

I was enthused when I read all the comments to Sunday's post as well; you have a very creative following here.

And I love Keri Smith's new project (and apparently lots of other do to judging by the number of people who have made additional suggestions on the web site). Like you, I tend to be very protective of my journal. But, even though it's been a month or more since the link leaked out, have I purchased a cheap-o journal to wreck? No. Why is that? Maybe I'm just waiting for hers to come out (in July is it?).

Another great post, Jamie. I can just see you dancing your deepest desire :D

Suzie Ridler said...

I will dance the dance of a high priestess, make potions and brews like the old medicine women, stare into the cards like a gypsy.

I will find my sacred words and visions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

Yes, kerri smith is just the person to invoke in speaking of broadening our artistic horizons. I am a very creative person, but I often get stuck in ruts. I am slowly working through her list of 100 things from her blog. The exercises in "Wreck this Journal" give so much creative license. Thanks for this reminder!