Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge ~ Resolution #1 ~ Renovate My Wardrobe

I think it's been 2 years now that I've been saying I want to revamp my wardrobe. I feel like I'm going through a real transformation period, and I want my wardrobe to reflect the me that's unfolding.

Here are some first-step guidelines I'm going to follow:
  • If it doesn't fit, donate it.
  • If it needs repair, fix it or ditch it. (This one requires a firm deadline).
  • If it needs special care, do it or ditch it.
  • If I don't love it, leave it.
  • Revision "my look."
  • Figure out the key pieces that would give me the biggest bang and get them. (Of course that means boots, right?)
  • Find a great hair stylist. (Strictly speaking, this isn't wardrobe, but if you love your haircut, everything else seems to be much better)

I've long believed that no clothing is neutral. I want to envelope myself in clothing that makes me feel comfortable and confident, strong and radiant, elegant and creative, beautiful and professional, sexy and ready to step into the life of my dreams. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun photo of you Jamie! I wish you lots of shopping luck finding the right pieces to complete your new wardrobe. I know you'll look FABULOUS! You always do.


Alex S said...

Oh how I can relate Jamie! I turn 35 this May and I really want my insides to reflect my outside, and so on. On my 35th I want to fit back into-or buy something new!- that really reflects me at my best and healthiest rather than my current weight state! I don't enjoy shopping for clothes when I am not at a size I love so I shall be inspired by this post! Good luck finding just the right pieces that express who you are at this time in your life and happy new year to you too!

melba said...

I have been catching up on your posts.

Happy New Year to you!
I LOVED reading your highlights from 2006! So Fun and wow! a Big WOW to you for all you have accomplished!

and I just realized I never said thank you for my magnet! You know what is weird? Right before I opened your envelope I commented to Sean that someone broke my favorite fish magnet; my friend had been watching Ethan, Maggie, and her son and after she left I saw it broken on the counter so I don't really know what happened to it, but it was beyond repair :(
and Now I have a new one! The world is a Beautiful, wonderful, magical place and I am sooo sooo glad you are experiencing it with me!!!

Happy Days to you!!

oh, and about the wardrobe... I revamped my wardrobe about two years ago (when I realized I was probably never going to be the size I was before having two children)leaving only things that I liked/loved and fit me in my closet. Some special things (like what I wore when I met Sean) I put in a bin in the basement.
About twice a year I go through and reclean my closet and add inexpensive clothes that work with the other pieces. Finding my own style has really helped me feel good about myself and makes getting dressed quicker and easier in the morning.

I know you will find a style that feel good to you!


liz elayne lamoreux said...

this is such a good idea. something i need to do myself. i like your criteria so much that i might just find it in me to act on the inspired feelings that are bubbling up.

great photo my dear!

Anonymous said...

i want to print out your list and put it next to my closet before i clean my own out!
especially the part about repairs and the strict deadline...
i have a huge bag filled with sewing....yikes!

happy new year! have fun pampering yourself.

Jessie said...

I like your guidelines, Jamie! I should apply them to my own wardrobe...my closet could use it! I agree with you about wearing clothes that make you feel good. What counts most is in the inside, but wearing something that makes you feel happy and confident only makes it shine that more brightly.

I recently bought a couple pieces of clothing that make me feel good, that fit my personality, and that I can wear wtih lots of things. Amazingly, ever since I started wearing them I've been meeting and connecting with people at the strangest times--like yesterday when I went to the bank! ha! It feels good. These days, I feel more "myself." I definately understand what you're sayin! And YAY for new boots! :) (uh..long comment!)

Anonymous said...

I like your picture and I particulary like your resolution! In an end-of-the-year spur-of-the-moment act I did exactly that a couple of weeks ago: I cleaned out half of my old wardrobe which was refreshing.. and I bought new boots to start over with.

Have fun, and Happy New Year to you. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic, fun picture of you!! And a great idea - something I too need to do! Starting with my 60 odd pairs of shoes that I never wear!!

Shannon said...

What an excellent resolution Jamie! I think that is a great list to go by!! I was going to put finding a hairdresser on my list for this year too!

Anonymous said...

That´s a great way to start the new year! I did this a while ago and now I feel good in everything I wear.

Anonymous said...

cool and funny photo! and great resolution :) wish you luck with it!