Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Create a Connection: Getting to Know You

Melba has created this awesome blog called Create a Connection. There are activities to participate in every day! Wednesday's theme is Getting To Know You and the inaugural hostess with the mostest for this topic is Deb. Here's my response to her prompt. I found her questions really interesting, sensitive and inspiring. I'll look forward to reading your answers!

Getting To Know You ~ Take 1

1. I have never wanted to _participate in sports_ ; but I've always thought I might like to _create performance art_ .

2. When I was _7_ years old, I believed _in God_ .

3. If I was my own best friend, what I would enjoy the most about spending time with Me would be _my playfulness_; while what I'd find the most irritating would be _my tendency to think I'm right_ .

4. If the story of my life up to this point was being published tomorrow, it would be titled "On the Brink" and it would be dedicated to _everyone who ever believed in me_ .

5. When my time on Earth is over, and the people who loved me are remembering me, it would please me if they said _I loved her like crazy_

PS Stop by Create a Connection on Saturday too. I'll be hosting Try Day!


Sacred Suzie said...

I love you like crazy Jamie and adore your playfulness, I always have.


You make life so much fun.

melba said...

I love these questions too. So simple yet they are revealing.

I Love your book title;
Can't wait to see what happens beyond the brink...

Jessie said...

I love you like crazy! And I'm happy to say that while you are alive and well!

Anonymous said...

Great Questions, huh? Great Answers too!! I like the book title too! On the Brink - a good name for a book! (novel, memoir, or otherwise!)

I'll be there on Saturday to see what you post for Try Day!

liz elayne said...

such good answers! number 2 invited those little tears that pinprick on my eyeballs...such an honest, full statement.

(and i have to tell you that when i saw this post on my bloglines screen, the picture was larger and i just felt like, for a moment, you really were sitting across from me and we could have tea and talk and talk and talk. my heart feels wistful now, wishing i was going to be meeting you later for the perfect break in my day...)

krista said...

I believed in God back then too. Sigh.