Monday, November 27, 2006

True Balance ~ Throat Chakra ~ Beginning

I contine to play catch-up in the True Balance project and have just made it into the next chapter, the throat chakra, which resonates with the colour blue. Sonia Choquette provides key words for each chakra. Shannon created this word association exercise, and I really enjoy it as a way of stepping into a new chapter. So here are my associations for the 5th chakra, the throat chakra.

Speaking - Aloud
Honesty - Sincerity
Laughter - Abundance
Listening - Connection
Creativity - Expression
Telepathy - Intuition
Rapport - Community
Connection - World
Revealing - Neckline
Expression - Playful
Truth - Freedom

I've just started the chapter and have been a little surprised to see the emphasis on intuition. I had always associated intuition with the third eye chakra. But considering that the focus of the throat chakra is communication, I do see the sense in it. One of the suggestions in this chapter is to write down whenever you have an intuitive impulse as a way of honouring it and noticing it. I'm going to try out this practice for the next couple of weeks. I'll be sure to share what I learn.


Jessie said...

ooh, jamie, i love your blue collage. it is healing just to look at it.

Shannon said...

Wow, reading this reminded me I didn't do taht throat chakra exercise! It sounds so cool :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

Good for you for catching up. I'm famous for abandonning projects if I fall behind.

Your blue collage is beautiful. Jessie's word, "healing," hits the nail on the head.

Yes, the intuitive thread in that chapter threw me. But in fact, that whole chapter threw me. I sensed INUITIVELY that Sonia lost her ability to communicate her ideas effectively.

I really hate the drawing I did for that chapter, but I posted it anyway. I felt like I never really understood her main point.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is a lovely collage! I, like you all, found the intuitive element of this chakra surprising as well. I see that definitely as a third eye or crown element but I guess I was wrong. Your word associations were also fascinating Jamie!

la vie en rose said...

chakras is always something i've wanted to know more about. it's something totally outside my upbringing and i'd never even heard the word until a few years ago. but i am strangly attrated to the idea. as i've watched many of you journey through this book it has increased my desire to know more.

melba said...

I love your blue collage.

I am a bit behind reading True Balance too, but I feel the energy of the book. I feel like I am learning to balance my life in ways I would not have if we never started reading. For this I am thankful.
I just Love that photo of you smiling for your creed. I get such a good feeling every time I see it!!!