Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sharing My Day

When I think back on today, I think somehow that this should be an unusual day, especially an unusual Wednesday, but in so many ways this is a very regular Jamie day. I love being in charge of my own schedule!

Recently my Mom won some money in the lottery. Yay, mom! So one of the things she decided to do was take me out for lunch, which was so nice. We decided to go to one of her favourite haunts, the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet at the Mandarin. Lots of yumminess! I ate everything from Shanghai noodles to sugar-free capuccino ice cream to watermelon. And even more exciting, Mom brought me something to eat later - a yellow pomegranate! I didn't even know that such a thing existed.

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And of course it's not just an amazing yellow pomegranate; it's the largest yellow pomegranate known to mankind! And that's Mom. She doesn't show up without bringing you a treat! And if that wasn't enough she also brought me raspberries, which, as some of you know are to me, the pinnacle of the fruit kingdom. And there's more! She treated me to the movies.

What an interesting film. It took a while for Mom to get into it, and I can really be sensitive to the person I'm with so I was hoping she would end up liking it, which she did. And Suzie, I'm not surprised this movie spoke to you deeply. That role was written for you! And I know you know who I mean. And there was a moment in the film, a moment with a secondary character, where I took a breathe and thought, "That's why I'm a coach. Right there. That's it." Delicious. I have to say I also saw the preview for The Pursuit of Happyness and it just about killed me. I should take stock out in Kleenex now!

After the movies, I met up with my honey and braved the crowds for some Christmas shopping.

Can you believe that tree is covered in Swarovski crystal? You should see it glitter! We managed to get a fair amount done but still have quite a bit to go. To treat ourselves we thought we'd stop out our favourite local haunt for a pint and their new winter menu, but as they are really the one and only 1 cool place in the 'hood, they were full. So instead, we indulged in a spicy bottle of Rioja and came home to relax.

And that was my Wednesday. Lucky me :)

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swampgrrl said...

What a lovely day you shared with mom. She looks like a fun lady. Thanks for taking me along with pictures.

Shannon said...

Holy moly that is the biggest pomegrante in the world! I thought it was a pumpkin!

Sounds like you had an amazing day! I can't wait to see Stanger than Fiction and get in the know on all the good stuff there :)

Sacred Suzie said...

Awww, what a fantastic day! It sounds absolutely perfect. I am so envious you got to go to The Mandarin Jamie, I miss that place. I am glad you could pick out the character who resonated the most for me, I definitely know who she is. That tree is unbelievable! It's all crystal ornaments? Good grief that must be worth a fortune and be so stunning! I hope I get to see it when I visit. So happy you have such a fantastic day!

la vie en rose said...

what a day! that pomagranate blows me! i've been wanting to see stranger than fiction but i'm afraid i'll miss it...guess i'll add it to the netflix queue...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,
Such a pleasing post, both the photos and the narration. Your mother is beautiful! Please thank her one day (from me) for bring three wonderful sisters into the world. God, the idea of having lunch with my dear mom... She passed almost two years ago. She was a mighty friend.

Your post reminds me of something I read. This was a study of returned POW's and what they missed most during their captivity.

No one said "big juicy steaks" or "hot women" or "cash" or "power" or any of the other stuff that consumerism tries to tell us we require. Rather, they said this: "I miss the sound of my key in the front door of my house, and I miss knowing then that I will see the faces of the people I love." So the ordinary specialness of your day really resonates with that sentiment.

Jessie said...

you ARE Will Smith in Pursuit of Happiness. You've made your dream a reality...and that, my dear, is more inspiring than you could possibly realize.

the trailer for that movie has me sitting here in tears. a trailer! dang, that's going to be one POWERFUL movie. thanks for the link.

melba said...

What a beautiful day!!!I love the picture of your Mom. What a treat!

chest of drawers said...

There should be more days like this!

Alexandra S said...

Last week I saw Will Smith, his son, and the man the movie is really based on interviewed on Oprah and it was really fascinating. I was just blown away this man's refusal to give up and to stay connected with hope, faith, his own self-worth and self-pride. In much less difficult circumstances than those I know I have lost mine and I look really forward to seeing this movie. So many I want to see this season!