Friday, October 06, 2006

True Balance ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Plugging In

I'm having a bit of trouble connecting with this chapter, and I'm not sure why. It's a bit odd because the third chakra, which resides in the solar plexus in all its intense, sunny, yellow glory, is all about things like identity, authenticity, courage, self-confidence, action ~ things that I find compelling and exciting. It's about who you are and how you express that in the world. This is important stuff. In fact, from my perspective, being who you are is the most important job you have on the planet!

So why the hesitation, the lack of connection?

Admittedly, I have only read about half the chapter at this point, so that could be part of it. But I think it mostly has to do with the focus. So far the focus has been around how we may have lost our power. Sonia Choquette talks about having clear boundaries and taking responsibility for our lives. Of course this is incredibly important. But writing this, I guess the question that comes to me is, "In service of what?"

What would our lives be like if we were fully authentic and sharing who we are with the world? If our gifts flowed freely out of this centre to comingle with the gifts of others? What would it be like to shine brightly and freely and have that celebrated? What would it be like to be able to say no to what wasn't for us without guilt and embrace with a passionate yes all that fed our souls? Now that's yummy.

It seems that to connect to the chakra, I need first to sense its unique juice, the vibrant energy that it contributes to each of our spirits. I need to know why it matters, why it's important. When I can somehow imagine its power in my life, I feel empowered by things like being clear about my boundaries and getting into action.


Anonymous said...

I've only just started this chapter and can see why it's a little tougher to tap into. Perhaps the focus is simply, be who you really are! That's actually very hard for some people. I think this chakra of yours is already very developed Jamie, I think you're very in tune with who you really are. And you love yellow!

melba said...

I am about a third way into this chapter. I really like this chapter so far because in many areas I felt myself saying yes I do that (of the positive examples) I feel in touch with my yellow!
But I am really not done with my orange so I will be a little late posting this Saturday. I am just checking in on a few blogs before me and E and M are out for the day.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday!

Unknown said...

Good morning Jamie,
Yay, I'm so glad you wrote about this today. The photo is vibrant. I like the way you express your inability to connect with the chapter. It reminds me of your previous post about imperfection.

I'm having trouble too. I've read it once, tried coloring with yellow crayons, tried word association, but I'm stumped.

For me the chakra has something to do with leaving childhood behind and becoming an adult. Kind of like initiation ceremonies in some tribal cultures. I'm not sure though.