Wednesday, September 06, 2006

True Balance: How Do I Find My Balance?

Since yesterday I looked at how I lose my balance, I thought it only fair that I take a look at the other side - when do I feel grounded, centred, balanced in my root chakra?

Things that have grounded me in the past:
  • The unconditional love of my mother
  • The intense bond between my siblings (Suzie, Jason, Shannon) and I
  • A deep sense of being connected to and supported by the Universe
  • Dancing
  • Leaving an unhealthy relationship despite having no money, no idea where I was going to go or what I was going to do and being supported and loved, finding my feet, making it work and meeting someone who taught me about love
  • The confidence that comes from being able to turn things around when things have gotten bad
Things that help ground me now:
  • All of the above still contribute powerfully to the strength of my root chakra
  • The love of my husband
  • Eating food that nourishes me and drinking lots of water
  • Having my finances in order and my records up to date
  • Writing morning pages in the AM and journaling in the PM
  • Taking out the garbage, the litter and the recycling
  • Reiki
  • Nia
  • Being barefoot
  • Having a shower
  • Being authentic
  • Getting a massage
  • Quiet
  • Listening to music that speaks to my heart and/or my body
  • Doing work that nourishes my spirit and makes a difference in the world
  • Expressing myself creatively
  • Having people in my life that believe in me
What supports your root chakra?

PS: You know what I love? That to be healthy your root chakra is moving. It's a swirling vortex of energy. So, to feel truly grounded, your root chakra actually has to move. I love that it isn't about being still or rigid. It's about flow and life energy. Yum.

PPS: Caroline, I giggled when you left your comment yesterday because I knew I was going to post this today :)

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Sacred Suzie said...

Now I'm seeing life as a dance! When the chakras are abundantly alive they are all doing their own dance that turns us into dancers in life. We know how strong and passionate you have to be to be a dancer!

I'm glad the loving intensity of the siblings in our family has helped keep you grounded Jamie. It's done the same for me. There is nothing more comforting than knowing even when you really mess up, your brothers and sisters will still love you.

Isolde said...

Wow. This is a post I really needed to see/read today; I am emabrking on a new part of my life, leaving a lot of old sutff including a failing marriage, and needless to say I'm feeling a little frightened! But your words have given me strength today. Thank you.

Marc André Bélanger said...

Like FelicityA, I have to say this is the kind of post I that is so fitting these days. I actually made the same kind of list recently, things that I should do, each day/week/month, that make me feel better, that help me along.

Lucia said...

This is a wonderful post. It reminded me that many weeks ago I started a root chakra assemblage art piece that I had set aside and want to get back to. Without looking, I remember it's a red piece in a small box, with a bead tassel root, and red beach glass and this quote, "I am in touch with the earth, my roots."

megg said...

Oh Jamie, I needed this! i am feeling desperately OFF balance. You have inspired me to get back into doing some small things to try and get reoriented... starting with morning pages tomorrrow. Thank you for a perfect post.

P.S. Have you read the Seed Handbook??? (There is a reason I am asking - I have two and would like to give you one - it't about setting up a business - woman style!)

liz elayne said...

you have this amazing way of sharing pieces of yourself and inviting others to look inward at the same time. it really is beautiful.