Saturday, July 08, 2006

Appreciating Week 27

It's been a while since I've done an appreciation post. I miss looking at my week through the lens of gratitude, and so I'm getting back in the habit.

Sunday: How scrumptious are these reds? How festive? Justin and I were lucky enough to go over to Shannon's for a delicious meal that we finished off with the glorious strawberries and a summery rose!

Monday: Nothing says Canada Day like a barbecue. We had the greatest time over at my brother-in-law's. This is just my favourite picture of my oh, so, serious husband and nephew. Um, I'm figuring you can guess which is which.
Tuesday: I was thrilled to wake up and look out our living room window to see the promise of colour appearing on our lilies! I ran outside and took a picture right away. I'll be sure to post one of the blooms.

Wednesday: I went out to the garden to take some pictures and suddenly heard an insistent and friendly meow. Then this little guy just found his way over our fence and was ready for cuddles and affection. What a sweetie. We saw him last week for the first time and he could absolutely be our Jinx's brother. Of course, when she saw him out our window, she was just as interested but far less enamoured! (Hiss!)

Thursday: I went for my first Artist's Date. I had decided to go to this fancy little outdoor/gardening store and as I was approaching it, I found these sculptures behind a gallery. How wonderful. Of course, it is Toronto - hence the shopping cart abandoned amidst these captivating works of art.

Friday: And as always, my Friday treat is hanging out with my sister Shannon. We decided to lounge on the patio of Futures bakery, a student and Fringe participant staple. It's been years since we've been there. The mashed potatoes are as good as ever!


melba said...

I love these posts about your week with pictures. I get more of a sense of who you are.
Your photos are so clear. We have been talking about getting a new camera. What do you use?

Jamie said...

Thanks, Melba!

The camera I use is pretty old now, actually. It's a Sony Cyber-shot. It takes great daytime and outdoor photos but is not so successful with limited lighting and indoor shots.

I hope you find a camera to help capture your world and inspire your creativity!

Shannon said...

Love your post!! Ok, I was at a few of those events too so I might be ever so slightly biased! I didn't even notice the shopping cart in the outdoor garden pic, guess I really am a Toronto girl :)

Sacred Suzie said...

So happy to see these pics and hear about what's going on! That is definitely's Jynx's brother, hiss or not, I can't believe how much they look alike. I love the first red and white shot, stunning Jamie.