Thursday, January 19, 2006


You know when everything (your space, your life, your work, your day) feels like a jumbly, tumbly, chaotic mess? That's the kind of tight, twisted, knotted kind of place my brain is right now. Don't get me wrong, I love of splash of chaos in my life - the chaos of a garden grown wild, the wildness of doing something spontaneous, thrilling and a little bit mad. But I am in the knotted jungle of household clutter, business clutter and what I call priority clutter. Ack!

Household clutter seems to be obscuring my vision of a serene and beautiful home. By household clutter I mean undone jobs as well as physical objects. I've been pretty good with the latter. (If that's something you're working on, I've found FlyLady to be a great resource) And the guideline I'm living by now are these words by William Morris:

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.

I'm working on it! And as for the wealth of undone jobs, I'm learning that it takes time to tend to and to create your home, just as it does your garden.

Priority clutter is what I call those activities and commitments that take up your energy that have nothing to do with what is actually important to you. If you spent a week writing down all your activities, how many would actually reflect who you are and what's important to you? An obvious starting point to ensuring your time and energy are spent on your priorities is that you have to actually know what they are.

My priorities are: my work, creative work, relationships, home and self. Until recently, my creative work had been put on the back burner. Now I have committed time to this area of my life. I love it. I'm excited. I'm passionate. I'm just exploding with ideas. And I'm noticing that I'm a bit tired, a bit pressed for time. That's a signal that I've got priority clutter. So it's time to start clearing out the no-priority stuff from my schedule and my life.

And business clutter. I'm feeling frustrated with setting up structural and organizational systems. I am committed to running an inspiring business that is structured in a clear, smart, efficient way that supports prosperity, joy and integrity. I want every aspect of my business to honour beauty, truth, magic and love - whether that's in my stationary or in my spreadsheets. And I'm really on wobbly legs trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Getting started or making a change is often, if not always, uncomfortable. So I'm taking my grumpies as a sign that I'm making progress. I'm untying these knots, a bit at a time. I truly appreciate moments of beauty and ease in my life, my home and my business. And in the chaotic moments, I take a lot of breaks, I laugh when I can, and I acknowledge myself for ploughing through.

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chest of drawers said...

Hi Jamie,
I love your quote from William Morris, it really suits the state of mind I´m in today.